Jun.10 - Toto Wolff's double standard in relation to his two drivers at Mercedes has become amusingly obvious, according to a Formula 1 commentator.

It is becoming ever more clearer that Valtteri Bottas' seat is in serious doubt for 2022, as George Russell waits impatiently in the wings.

But according to Alexey Popov, the commentator for Russia's Match TV, team boss Wolff's bias in favour of Lewis Hamilton is also becoming very obvious.

"Bottas hinted that maybe he should have a new chassis after Baku, but Toto said 'no, no - it's just that Lewis (Hamilton) is so much faster because he believes in the car more," he said.

"It's starting to get silly," Popov continued. "After Monaco, the first thing he (Wolff) said was that because Bottas didn't line up right, the mechanics couldn't get the wheel off in the pitstop.

"Then it turned out that he had lined up better than almost everyone else.

"That alone isn't so bad, but it seems that when Hamilton makes a mistake, Toto says 'no, no, he accidentally flicked a switch' and 'it wasn't a mistake because he was forced to by Perez'.

"Honestly, everyone has started to laugh at this," the Russian insists. "Not Bottas, of course, because he feels more and more like an outcast at the team.

"Whatever he does, it's his fault. If something goes well for him, it's thanks to the team," said Popov.

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12 F1 Fan comments on “Mercedes team boss view starting to get silly now?

      • shroppyfly

        Actually your right, Tonto you carry on , the media and fans are listening, saw on another
        Mike Elliot , though, feels the team have to take some responsibility themselves for the switch being in a position where the driver could accidentally hit it.

        Jeesh still no blame for Hammy , now the team are blaming themselves for putting the button there in first place , you couldnt make it up

  1. f1award

    Best thing Bottas could do would be drive faster and overtake, not sulk, qualify 10th and finish 12th. Still avoided being nearly overtaken by a Williams this time.

  2. shroppyfly

    Toto , you are what can only be described as a Cock, remind me how many championships have you won, compared to Williams?

    “When you listen to a debrief today after a weekend where we finish first and second, you would think this is Williams debriefing from a weekend on a tenth place,” Wolff said at an Oxford University talk titled ‘Leadership in Extraordinary Times’.

    “I don’t mean that in an arrogant way. It is just a culture that is always sceptical and we always believe we are not good enough and have to stay on our toes in order to maintain our success and that starts with sometimes going where it hurts.

  3. True Post

    All kidding aside my friends, a class act does not wash its dirty linen in public.

    I’m surprised that Mercedes does not know that. If Merc is not happy with a driver they need to deal with it privately…………… And please don’t poupou the other one publicly either, he’s too old for that.


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