May 16 - Dr Helmut Marko says it's "nonsense" that Red Bull is already blasting through its limited allocation of money for car development in 2022.

His denial comes as the total peace between reigning champion Max Verstappen's team and that of championship leader Charles Leclerc's Ferrari ends.

Red Bull officials questioned in Miami whether Ferrari illegally trialled a new floor during the recent Pirelli tyre test in Imola. Then, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto openly began wondering how Red Bull can afford to be developing so intensely early in 2022 under the budget cap regime.

"Nonsense," Marko told

"I don't think we are in a significantly different position than Ferrari in this respect.

"I especially wonder what effect it has had on them that Carlos Sainz has already crashed the car several times. That can't be cheap," the 78-year-old Austrian said.

So while Ferrari is planning a significant upgrade for Barcelona this weekend, so too is Red Bull.

"We plan our updates in such a way that we always achieve a weight reduction," Marko said. "Unfortunately we have not yet reached the minimum weight and we will not succeed until the next update.

"I don't think we have spent more," he added. "It is true that logistics costs have increased and they are a problem, but that applies to us as well as to Ferrari and the other teams."

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Ferrari F1 budget cap claims 'nonsense' according Red Bull

  1. f1award

    Never liked the idea of budget caps, I reckon more people will think the same when the ned of season comes about and the performance of the teams accountants are vital as to who is the WDC.

  2. Jax

    So where's the story about Agent 0075 crashing Lauda's million pound vintage baby? I mean what is it with these Ferrari F1 drivers and crashing? Lol


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