Aug.5 - Ferrari has joined Red Bull in arguing that the budget cap rules need a tweak.

In Hungary, it wasn't only both Red Bulls who got taken out at the first corner - the engine in Charles Leclerc's Ferrari was also irreparably damaged by a separate incident sparked by Lance Stroll.

One of the strongest voices arguing that the budget cap rules are unfair in the event that the team itself is not to blame for car damage is Red Bull's Christian Horner.

"He never stops talking about how much accidents affect the financial situation in his team," said McLaren boss Andreas Seidl.

"We do not go down that route. At the end of the day, budgeting properly is just part of the game, and the situation is exactly the same for everyone."

However, Horner and Seidl's Ferrari counterpart Mattia Binotto does agree with Red Bull that the rules need a re-think.

"Should we make some exceptions?" he said.

"I'm not sure that's the solution because it would be difficult to monitor. But what we should consider is that the team whose driver caused an accident must pay.

"Then the driver would be in a position of more responsibility," Binotto is quoted by Auto Motor und Sport.

What Binotto is completely happy about is Ferrari's new driver line-up, after Carlos Sainz - who replaced Sebastian Vettel - joined Charles Leclerc in 2021.

"We have the best pairing in the field," Binotto insisted.

"Carlos has integrated well and is a real benchmark for Charles. Both of them score regularly and strongly for the team."

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18 F1 Fan comments on “Ferrari backs Red Bull over budget cap tweak

  1. shroppyfly

    Any accident would requite a team to pay a predetermined amount into a secret fia fund that Honda could dip into to build a super engine, oh no hang on, that's just whats in Rors head , so that cant happen, its so simple just make crash repairs outside of the budget, , oh and btw this is Lewis's idea, each team donate a million to his project,heal the world baby , heal the world

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Back to your slippery slope. Team A (no bias here) screams that their engine blew up at Spa because that Team B bozo hit their LF wheel in Hungary causing their innocent driver to hit the wrong button on the steering wheel and the damage was not discovered until the middle of the Spa race. "Team B owes us for a new motor and, by the way, what's up with this 3 PU limit"?

      Yippee!, more FIA protests, inquiries, lawsuits and social media slams. smh Don't know the answer about cost controls. The escalation has been going on for decades. Maybe eliminate the OEM's as team owners and let them only sell engines? Then you ask the question about Ferrari being an OEM.

      Sorry to offend the purists among us, but maybe we look at the IndyCar business model. Seems to work.

      • shroppyfly

        you had me at the " A Team" i thought ello Hannibal has a plan to solve this mess, but after that, i wandered off into the unknown again, meanwhile in other news , did you see the report that Lewis has recovered from his Hungarian excursions, no mention of covid , just that it was a very hard race bless him, so alls well again

  2. Tony K

    The current system will work to highlight costs are out of control. Now, if something made out of unobtainium breaks (for what ever reason) it is a severe hit to the cap. if we start making exceptions, F1 will become a playpen for billionaire's kids. Oh wait, 15% of F1 drivers are already billionaires' kids. If you liked the Bruce McLaren's, Colin Chapman's, ... leave the cap alone spot. At least then you only have to be a millionaire.

  3. shroppyfly

    Personally i don't think the cost cap will have any bearing on who wins , it'll be whoever makes the best car with the best driver, pretty much as f1 always been , plus are there ANY other sports where a cost cap is in place, maybe there is, however we hanker even back to Ron D and his ability to get the best and biggest budget for his team, those times are gone, viscous circle promoters want more cash , tv rights have to pay more , prize money is more, viscous circle, and then we say no thats a cost cap ? no cost cap on libertys profit i note.. !

  4. ReallyOldRacer

    John, the disc brake was patented in 1902 and became widely available on passenger cars in 1949, hardly a racing intro, and until the ridiculous intro of the current PU in F1 racing was never known for efficient engines. Powerful yes, but certainly not fuel efficient. The only real racing car claim to fame is the rearview mirror and that was not from F1. The cost cap MIGHT have some effect on unobtainium parts and paddock palaces, and maybe needing 1000 people to run two cars, but that's about it.


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