Apr.7 - Formula 1 has improved the terms of its broadcasting deal with French television channel Canal Plus.

Canal Plus' CEO Maxime Saada told L'Equipe sports newspaper that the broadcaster has extended its deal with F1 until 2029.

"We have signed an exclusive broadcasting agreement until 2029 for France and Africa and we thus become the world's leading broadcaster," he said.

Canal Plus took over from France's former F1 partner TF1 in 2013. L'Equipe claims the value of the current Canal Plus contract is EUR 60 million per year.

"The new one is a significant increase," Saada admitted, without elaborating.

"But we accept it because Liberty Media has done an exceptional job in internationalising the sport and making it a success also in the United States, with new on-board cameras and the agreement with Netflix for Drive to Survive.

"On Canal Plus, only the Champions League does better. When we broadcast a grand prix on Sunday, we multiply our sales by two or three. It's huge," he said.

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9 F1 Fan comments on “Canal Plus agrees to pay more for F1 deal now

    • shroppyfly

      Ok Ror , hows this in UK the cost of sending a letter by 1st class ie the quickest post is now £0.95 pence, that's about twice the cost compared to you guys isn't it ?

      See its not all about politics lol

      • ReallyOldRacer

        That wasn't a jab at you, rather a comment re the condition of our sport. BTW, overall cost of living is .49% lower over there. Your staples are less expensive, while you discretionaries are more expensive. So there!!! :)

        • shroppyfly

          I know my friend , I know, as a devil worshipper ie running a diesel car , its £1.80 a ltr thanks to greed and putin.

          Well it would be , but ive a friendly farmer who gives me the lovely red stuff at £1.20 a litre, just dont tell the tax man hehe

          • John B

            It is people like you who are ruining the economy and should be traced and prosecuted
            You should be ashamed you arsehole

  1. Shroppyfly

    Get over yourself. So a really over inflated at the pump diesel price isn't?,you sound like the sorta person who thinks Mrs Sunaks not done anything wrong however now you've upset me ill start making bio diesel and screw the chancellor even more

    • ReallyOldRacer

      There ya' go then, you scofflaw. First you ruin F1 and now you're going to collapse the British economy. BTW, what is chancellor of the Exchequer? Where do you Brits come up with these titles, and how do I get one? I wanna' be a knight like Jackie and Lou. Do I petition BoJo or just call the Queen Mum direct? Do I need a referral like a golf club membership?

  2. shroppyfly

    usually i wouldn't be up at 5.45 am but sod it ill listen to the f1 live on radio, scofflaw--- what a brilliant word , not used in the uk but it should be , i think ill start a petition lol C of E, Well some might say its Church of England , but really it's Britain's accountant , and we all trust someone else's accountant dont we... lol .

    Don't bother with Bojo , hes too busy saving Europe and his own skin, you could try the Queen Mum , but unless your internet goes beyond the gave I wouldn't try,your best bet is , just be like Lewis, yeah I know, not an attractive proposition but you'd be blessed and have silly hair .
    Golf club referral , best time would have been while Trump was in power as he owns a cpl of clubs in Scotland .
    As for Bio diesel, completely legal upto 2500 litres per yr, although how its verified god knows .

    Now let me get back to the race, Hamiltons in 4th...!!!, the Hammgirls will be screaming at the tv, scofflaw brilliant word lol


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