Oct.15 - Red Bull has a "problem" with the way it binds drivers to their Formula 1 contracts.

That is the view of former F1 driver Christijan Albers, who says there is only one Red Bull racer with a truly advantageous contract - Max Verstappen.

In past years, Red Bull has struggled with a high turnover of drivers - especially the ones who occupy the garage alongside the Dutch title leader.

"The problem is the suffocating Red Bull contracts for the drivers," Albers told De Telegraaf.

"The only one who does not have such an agreement is Max Verstappen, but the rest have serious problems - they simply can't go somewhere else. For that, you need Uncle Marko."

Albers says Red Bull binds young drivers to very long contracts that give Red Bull the freedom to shuffle them between Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri - and block them from leaving.

A key example, he says, is Pierre Gasly, who is openly upset about being dropped by the senior team and now locked into his place at AlphaTauri.

"If you look at Gasley's performances, and his life outside of Formula 1, you can see his disappointment," said Albers.

"With all due respect, Pierre feels that Red Bull cheated him. And I agree that their attitude towards the drivers is very disrespectful."

Another example, according to Albers, is Daniil Kvyat.

"The guy was on the podium and then kicked out the following race," said the former Minardi driver. "Let's be honest - that doesn't make any sense.

"This is all Helmut Marko, but maybe they're learning from their mistakes. They have stopped putting pressure on Alexander Albon, they're not putting pressure on Perez, so they do learn.

"But it's still Dr Marko's old-fashioned Austrian style. They don't do it to Max though. Then they would have problems with Jos," Albers smiled.

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12 F1 Fan comments on “Are Red Bull's F1 driver contracts 'suffocating' their pilots?

  1. f1award

    Thing is like GR you 'earn' and work hard for good contracts. Gasly and Abbon had a chance and may well get another one if they improve but neither of them will set the world on fire like MV, LH and CL

  2. NoNonsense48

    This man is talkin negative b..s.. ! Unbelievable, by the way How can it be a bad contract if you get an F1 seat and get paid nicely for your services. This C A forget to mention that this kind of drivers didin't have any income at all if they not had their lucrative (Bad) contracts from one of the top 5teams in F1 dus how respectless is it to talk about these employers in this stupid way. These "unlucky" drivers have an yearly income 30 to 50 times higher than they were able to make in other jobs outside F1 and now they earn for playing their hobby , come on Mr A

  3. Swede

    They signed the contracts. Daniel left. I don't feel too sorry fir any of them.

    Kvyat was a wild driver... better nov perhaps? Deserved a demotion.

    Gasly drive poorly as well.

    Albon wasn't scoring.Let Ham run him off the road on his nest chance.

    Marko gave them all chances.

    Perez is much better

  4. shroppyfly

    AA DK PS are all different to perez, the doc hasnt the ability to for want of a better phrase ,to push them around/mess them about, Perez has been about a bit and older, if the Doc started messing with him, CP would just say , you don't like it them i'm off IMO

    As for earning a good wage, all f1 drivers even the worst will be on a retainer of 100k/250k tax free , never mind the big earners

    No of course he doesn't mess with Max , because hes doing the business race in race out, not a good article at all really

  5. John B

    I see no evidence of any also rans having their arms twisted up their backs to sign crap contracts

    A deal is a deal, sign or move along

    Plenty jobs at McDonald's


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