The F1 Commission gathered today, 13 October, in London, for its third meeting of 2021. The FIA and Formula 1 confirm that positive discussions took place, reviewing some of the major points from the 2021 season so far, as well as looking ahead to what will be a record-breaking 23-race championship in 2022.

2022 Calendar

The Commission was presented with the draft calendar for the 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship. This calendar will be submitted to the World Motor Sport Council for approval on Friday 15 October.

As the world emerges from the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Commission praised the remarkable achievements of Formula 1 and the FIA in staging what will be a 22-race schedule in 2021, and a record-breaking 23 races in 2022.

Treatment of short races

Following the weather-affected 2021 FIA Formula 1 Belgian grand prix, the Commission discussed potential updates to the Sporting Regulations and asked that the Sporting Advisory Committee considers this topic at its next meeting to propose options for updated procedures and regulations.


The Commission was presented with a report on the first two Sprint events held at Silverstone and Monza earlier in the season. The report gathered feedback from a large number of stakeholders, which were positive about the Sprint concept. Further evaluation will take place following the third and final Sprint event of 2021 in Brazil. Elements relating to potential future Sprint events and the associated regulatory framework will then be discussed with a positive resolution anticipated in the weeks following the Brazilian grand prix.

Note that all regulatory changes are subject to approval by the World Motor Sport Council.

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Updates of last FIA Formula 1 Commission meeting

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    "The report gathered feedback from a large number of stakeholders, which were positive about the Sprint concept."

    Who were these befuddled stakeholders?

    • Scott

      Indeed! You only have to read comments from fans on any of the online forums or fan sites to know that the sprint format is almost universally disliked. Qualy has shifted to Friday when most people are at work. The sprint races are uneventful possessions with drivers taking less risks than normal given the relatively small number of points reward, give or take one or two exceptions the field essentially does a small number of uncompetitive, unrisky formation laps on their way to the grid on Sunday.

    • Swede

      I enjoy the Sprints, but dislike Qualy on Friday.
      Why not FP1 & FP2 on Thursday.
      FP3 on Friday.
      Qualy and Sprint on Sat.
      Race Sunday.
      (4) ICE per season...preferably V10s!

      • ReallyOldRacer

        Swede, they're trying to REDUCE time at the track, not increase it. The poor buggers are already stretched. Take a good look at the travel pressure. It's not like BASHCAR where you load the truck and drive down the road to the next venue. As for the sprints, they have mitigated the excitement of quali, although putting them back to back would help increase excitement. Of course then you have less quali effort to avoid a crash.

  2. Swede

    Good day!
    Just saying what I would like. Once you've flown everyone there, spend more time there. Fly in, spend 2 days and fly out again is silly.
    Practice after Qualy is silly.
    Skip Qatar, Bahrain, Singapore, etc...
    Add Nurburgring!
    V10s with twin turbos.
    More down force.
    Thats what I would LIKE.
    23 races, with many at shit tracks, not so much...


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