Sep.19 - Contrary to recent rumblings, Yuki Tsunoda seems destined to keep his AlphaTauri seat for 2024.

Outgoing team boss Franz Tost said just a week ago that the Japanese driver being offered a new deal for next season is already "more or less fixed".

But with Liam Lawson performing so well in injured Daniel Ricciardo's place, it was then rumoured that Tsunoda may be shuffled aside to the Red Bull reserve seat for 2024.

"Liam has done what he needed to do and we'll see now who will be in the car next year in the next few days," new AlphaTauri CEO Peter Bayer told Servus TV in Singapore.

However, Auto Motor und Sport now reports that Tsunoda's new deal for 2024 "should be announced at Suzuka".

As for his 2024 teammate, the German magazine added: "Despite Liam Lawson's good performances, Daniel Ricciardo has a better chance of getting the other cockpit."

What that means for rookie Lawson, 21, remains unclear for now.

"The performance he has shown is a clear exclamation mark," former F1 driver Timo Glock told Sky Deutschland. "We'll have to wait and see what the future holds - it's in Red Bull's hands."

Red Bull will obviously be loathe to let Lawson slip out of its development program, so a move to Williams - to replace rookie Logan Sargeant - seems very unlikely.

And Williams, meanwhile, appears likely to keep Sargeant on board, despite another key mistake in Singapore.

"It's notable that he keeps making mistakes like that," Glock said. "But as long as Williams is behind him, and they appear to be at the moment, he won't lose that cockpit.

"He probably brings certain financial backers with him, so Williams has to pay attention to that aspect as well."

Felipe Drugovich, currently a reserve at Aston Martin, has been trying to secure his Formula 1 debut for 2024, but according to Auto Motor und Sport, he has been priced out of the market for now.

"If last year's Formula 2 champion wants to join Williams, he will have to raise a few more sponsor millions," said correspondent Tobias Gruner.

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4 F1 Fan comments on “AlphaTauri Set to Confirm Tsunoda's 2024 F1 Seat at Suzuka

  1. Jere Jyrälä

    Somewhat contradictory info indeed, but yes, he'll presumably get announced, although that could happen tomorrow in a Honda event held in Shibuya.
    Additionally, yes, Sargeant Williams indeed don't really have an intention to replace Sargeant despite not having formally announced him yet.
    However, Glock is wrong about both claims, especially the latter, because if they truly still needed sponsor money from drivers, they would've simply kept Latifi regardless of his performance level.

    • shroppyfly

      Not really , if another pay driver with the same backing shows better potential then fairly obvious theyd sign him don't you think?

      Just because a team says we don't need a drivers backers money ,that doesnt mean they wont take it yes they may survive without the money but its certainly going to help, for williams either Dorilton plugs any money gap or a driver backers do, I cant be arsed to work out BUT F1 Prize money+heritage payments + x +y with Williams lack of sponsors , if they are hitting the budget cap , I'm amazed

  2. smokey

    Interesting days. Franz Tost is half way out the door and says Yuki's next season is "more or less fixed", which could also mean it is less fixed as a permanent driver! They have an over abundance of good talent. IMO Yuki's Japan connections will ensure he continues, however, it may be as a reserve driver a la Ricciardo at the start of the season. It would be a travesty for Lawson to be relegated to the bench for the season!


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