Las Vegas joining the F1 calendar in 2023 is undoubtedly one of the hottest news in the world of sport. The F1, otherwise known as Formula One, is an international open-wheel racing game that has been the most popular and admired car racing sport in the world, since its advent in the year 1950 .

Ever since the official announcement of Formula one coming to Las Vegas, there has been a lot of anticipation, especially in the United States. This is because the formula one race has not been hosted in Las Vegas in a long while.

With the race coming to Las Vegas, residents and fans of the sport, especially on the strip, are prepared to watch the race at designated venues and anticipate the opportunities that come with the news, including betting opportunities at top-notch casinos like Siru mobile casino.

The race, which will be held in November 2023, will be one of the concluding races on the F1 calendar.

Interesting Facts about the Upcoming F1 Race in Las Vegas

The race would be the first to be held on a Saturday since the 1985 South African Grand Prix at Kyalami.

Another interesting fact about the event is that it would be the seventy-fifth world championship race that would not feature on a Sunday.

Since the racing event would be held on a Saturday down the Las Vegas strip at night, more people would be able to enjoy it. With communities and casinos on the strip in full support, one can expect nothing short of fascinating on the D-day.

Opportunities and Prospects

Formula one racing coming to the world's entertainment capital would be a dream come true for Las Vegas, because it offers a lot of opportunities and expectations. Some of them have been listed in detail below.

Economic Boost

The F1 racing in Las Vegas would attract both local and thousands of international fans. Although Las Vegas is no stranger to tourists, the high number of people coming to watch the F1 race would positively impact the host city's economy. The race is expected to generate about half a billion dollars in local revenue for the state of Nevada.

Job Opportunities

Formula one would reportedly spend two hundred and forty million dollars on Las Vegas' construction plot in preparation for the race. Lots of expertise in the various construction lines would be required, opening doors for more jobs for residents.

Host City Display

The race is expected to be broadcasted to many countries worldwide. Las Vegas would be displayed in front of audiences globally, thereby showcasing the beauty, casinos, and other pleasant features of the host city. This could significantly increase the number of tourists coming to Las Vegas.

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One F1 fan comment on “Las Vegas to Join the F1 Calendar in 2023

  1. Julia Eliot-Roy

    Please - no more street circuits. F1 is so much better racing on traditional race circuits which provide the inevitable thrills and spills associated with straight forward racing. Monaco is part of F1's history and can stand alone in it's value to the sport .The introduction of more street races whilst cancelling proper track races is in serious danger of devaluing F1 into a money-making machine instead of strengthening the tradition of proper racing.


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