Marshall Teague information & statistics

NameMarshall Teague
CountryUnited States United States
Place of BirthDaytona Beach, Florida
Date of BirthFeb 22nd 1922
Date of DeathFeb 11th 1959 - 36 years old
First RaceMay 30th 1953 Indianapolis 500 result
Last RaceMay 30th 1957 Indianapolis 500 result
Best Qualifying8th - May 31st 1954 Indianapolis 500 result
Best Result7th - May 30th 1957 Indianapolis 500 result

Marshall Teague F1 statistics:

Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps0

Championship Results

Marshall Teague F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1957 United States Kurtis Kraft Offenhauser10000020000.000
1954 United States Kurtis Kraft Offenhauser20000036400.000
1953 United States Kurtis Kraft Offenhauser10000016900.000

Race Results

Marshall Teague F1 GP Race Results

419571957 Indianapolis 500 result48Kurtis KraftOffenhauser2870
319541954 Indianapolis 500 result31Kurtis KraftOffenhauser1723Clutch0
219541954 Indianapolis 500 result16Kurtis KraftOffenhauser8150
119531953 Indianapolis 500 result22Kurtis KraftOffenhauser2218Oil Leak0

Podium Finishes

Marshall Teague F1 Podium Finishes


Pole Positions

Marshall Teague F1 Pole Positions


Teammate Comparison

Marshall Teague Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1953Kurtis KraftAndy Linden18160000001102
Art Cross1820600000101
Bill Holland18150000000110
Bill Vukovich1810901010101
Bob Scott18120000000101
Cal Niday18300000001010
Carl Scarborough18120000000101
Chuck Stevenson18230000001001
Duane Carter1830200000101
Duke Dinsmore18160000000101
Duke Nalon18110000000110
Eddie Johnson1870000000110
Fred Agabashian18401.500000101
Gene Hartley18280000001001
Jack McGrath1850200000101
Jackie Holmes18190000001001
Jerry Hoyt18230000001001
Jim Rathmann1870000000220
Jimmy Davies18100000000110
Jimmy Daywalt1860000000101
Johnnie Parsons18260000001001
Johnny Mantz18170000000101
Johnny Thomson18190000001001
Paul Russo18401.500001102
Rodger Ward18160000000101
Sam Hanks1830200000101
Spider Webb18190000001001
Walt Faulkner18170000000101
1954Kurtis KraftAndy Linden15110000000220
Art Cross15110000000220
Bill Homeier15330000002020
Bill Vukovich15101602000220
Bob Sweikert15140000000211
Duane Carter1540300000312
Ernie McCoy15160000001120
Frank Armi15190000001120
Fred Agabashian1560000000220
Gene Hartley15230000001010
George Fonder15190000001120
Jack McGrath15301000020202
Jerry Hoyt1580000002240
Jim Rathmann15200000003131
Jimmy Davies15110000001331
Jimmy Daywalt15270000002002
Jimmy Jackson15150000000101
Johnnie Parsons15110000002231
Larry Crockett1590000000220
Mike Nazaruk1550400000211
Pat Flaherty15280000002020
Pat O'Connor15210000001111
Paul Russo1580000000220
Sam Hanks15110000001331
Tony Bettenhausen15150000002121
Troy Ruttman1540300000211
1957Kurtis KraftAl Keller7270000001001
Andy Linden750200000101
Bill Cheesbourg7260000001001
Bob Christie7130000001010
Don Edmunds7190000001001
Don Freeland7170000001001
Ed Elisian7290000001001
Eddie Johnson7250000001001
Eddie Russo7320000001001
Elmer George7330000001001
Fred Agabashian7220000001001
Jack Turner7110000001001
Jimmy Daywalt7280000001010
Jimmy Reece7180000001001
Johnnie Parsons7160000001001
Johnnie Tolan7200000001010
Johnny Boyd760000000101
Mike Magill7240000001001
Pat O'Connor780000011001
Paul Russo740300000101
Tony Bettenhausen7150000001001

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