And so we face the final three in Jonny Williams' list of all-time favourite WilliamsF1 GPs. Flashback to Zandvoort, Holland, 1979, and that glorious summer for Williams Grand Prix Engineering. Patrick Head's new ground effect FW07-Cosworth is a world-beater and both Alan Jones and Clay Regazzoni are potential winners of every race.

JW was only four when the Williams family made their annual trip to the seaside resort of Zandvoort, but he remembers clearly his Mum finding a spot for him in a Renault trackside enclosure and Alan Jones, who was on the pole, waving to him as he pulled up on the grid. This video features amazing, little-seen 8mm film of the 1979 Dutch GP paddock area courtesy of Peder Coerts, Mark Scheeres and FilmCollectief. A big thankyou, too, to our archivist, Richard Wiseman.

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