Peter Windsor address the key F1 question of the viewers and fans this winter: will Lewis Hamilton continue to race - and, if so, what additional challenges will he face in 2022?

Peter highlights the deficits Lewis will take into 2022 as he fights Red Bull's Max Verstappen and guesstimates their impact on his ability to score points.

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Lewis in 2022: the deficits ahead by Peter Windsor

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    Two observations: First, how did Windsor get an early release example of the 2022 Renault hoodie? Second, huge respect for Windsor's F1 racing knowledge, but I'm weary of these guys assuming that HAM and VER are the only drivers capable of winning. Oh, and three, I might be wrong but perhaps the pundits are overrating Georgie Boy.

  2. shroppyfly

    Hes in with the incrowd no doubt, id agree there's mayb 4-5 racers who with a good enough car can win the championship this yr i hope.

    As for Georgie, hes been very quiet on Lord Lewis's future, i mean everyone else had had a say,I suspect totos put a ban on him speaking to media etc but i suspect hes rubbing his hands with glee .

    If hes over rated, and the Merc car is good , it'll show up quite quick how good/average GR is id say

    Come on LL pull your finger out and let us know .

  3. Steven R Gierke

    First let's do away with this "DRS and PTP" bullshit. Winning should be the result of driving skills and teamwork. Proper performance of the pit crew and a team manager calling the race and with the skill of the driver to get the best out of the car and him or herself should be the first order of business. Trying to have everyone and everything equal will never happen because that isn't the way this world works. I have walked this earth for 80 years and have seen that talent with desire coupled with great teamwork will come out on top every time.


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