Upscaled 60fps footage of Jim Clark driving the Lotus 49 during the 1967 Formula One season. This was the last complete F1 season before his death in April 1968.

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2 F1 Fan comments on “Jim Clark & Lotus 49 1967 F1 season footage

  1. smokey

    It was indeed a great pleasure to attend races during those years, and to see such icons as Colin Chapman, Enzo Ferrari, Jack Brabham and Ken Tyrell in the pits managing their teams. One could also go and chat with drivers unsupervised then too, which is impossible in today's environment. Back then there was fierce competition among drivers, but also they had great camaraderie and great respect for each other both on and off the track ~ something which is sadly lacking0in today's drivers who are interested only in dollars and beating their chest, which is a bi-product of sponsorship and F1 being a business rather than a sport today!
    Part of evolution, I guess, in which some sports lose their identity!

  2. John Mitchell

    Jim C created my first interest in F1 which died for a number of years after his death. Regained again in times of Mika Hakkinen and McLaren which then followed on to other greats including Lewis H and many others. Over 60 years of interest with some gaps through losses.


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