Max Verstappen's extraordinary journey in the 2023 F1 season, claiming victory in 21 out of 22 races, has not only earned him the prestigious F1 Drivers' World Championship but also secured the Constructors' Championship for Oracle Red Bull Racing. This remarkable achievement can be attributed to the remarkable performance of the RB19, a car that has etched its name in the history books as one of the most dominant Formula 1 machines ever built.

In a fitting homage to this racing marvel, Red Bull Racing orchestrated a special event. They invited none other than David Coulthard, who piloted the very first car for the team, the RB1, to take the RB19 for a spin. Coulthard, a renowned figure in the F1 world, had the unique opportunity to drive this champion car around the iconic Silverstone circuit, bridging the past and present of Red Bull Racing's storied legacy in the sport.

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Coulthard Driving One Of The Most Dominant F1 Cars Ever

  1. CanadianEh

    Great vid. I think David Coultard is cut from the same bolt of cloth as Jackie Stewart. A drivers' driver with keen insight, dry wit an encyclopedic knowledge of the sport and and is very well connected.

    Hmmm. Sounds like he'd do well as the President of FIA and an excellent choice to replace the guy that's making a mess of the place.

  2. shroppyfly

    I agree 100% on keen insight and dry witt and excellent knowledge , however that means hes smart enough not to take on that poisoned chalice


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