It was a race within a race within a race: first Lewis led a Mercedes one-two; then Red Bull-Honda's Max Verstappen found himself P1, on new tyres, after not making a pit stop during the first Safety Car period.

Then came the debris from a flurry of red flags, virtual safety cars, turn 1 skirmishes, mis-heard radio messages, a much-maligned Aston Martin Safety Car, a shunt on the straight, a pass, a re-pass, another pass, a wheel-clash, a five-second penalty for Max...and victory, finally, for Lewis Hamilton and his battle-scarred Merc.

Still sweating and with heart pounding, Peter Windsor in this video recalls the key moments of a race that will result in Max and Lewis facing-off in Abu Dhabi next weekend exactly equal on points.

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3 F1 Fan comments on “2021 Saudi Arabian F1 GP analysis by Peter Windsor

  1. Blaster

    As I see it, Max was told to give his place to Lewis 4 times in one race!
    Is this the new F1? get first place by race craft or desperation, then give it back?
    I suppose Max defended against Lewis as aggressive as possible, but with the championship at stake Senna or Schumacher would have made sure Lewis crashed out. Lauda and Prost would have done something vary close to what Max did ... fight the overtake so long as everbody lives.

    I don't think it is fair that the lead car does not get DRS. Whoever invented intend it as a way to for a good car to work through the back markers not as a way to gift first place.

    Another thing, why is Max getting penalties when Lewis tries to pass him in a corner? It reminds of the last soccer olympics where most of the teams seemed to be trying to get a corner kick or a penalty kick instead of trying to get a goal for regular play. I am beginning to think Lewis is playing Max to defend aggressive


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