Toto Wolff has not completely denied wanting to make Racing Point a sort of Haas-like 'B team' for Mercedes.

It has emerged that Racing Point will stop working in the Toyota wind tunnel in Cologne after signing a wind tunnel deal with Mercedes.

Racing Point denies becoming an outright Mercedes satellite.

"Our aero department happens to be located in Brackley, and Mercedes' wind tunnel happens to be located in Brackley," said technical boss Andy Green.

"It's a lot easier to go testing in Brackley than it is in Cologne."

But Wolff, the boss at Mercedes, does not hide that the Ferrari-Haas model works.

"Well, we are not doing a Haas-Ferrari model because Haas was a new entry, a team created from scratch. These guys (Racing Point) have existed for a long time," he said.

"Our model is very different. They will be using some of our infrastructure and we will see where that moves for the 2021 regulations.

"Once those are carved out, we will decide which of the areas we want to collaborate and where it is possible, regulatory-wise," Wolff added.

Racing Point not only uses a Mercedes engine and wind tunnel, but also the gearbox and hydraulics.

"I think that's everything that is being discussed for 2021, I think that's all on the agenda," said Green.

"It's where we go forward as a team, thinking ahead for 2021."

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2 F1 Fan comments on “Wolff not denying Racing Point 'B team' rumour

  1. Greg Conchelos

    F1 is overregulated from the top. Let teams choose tires for a race; allow a blow and ublown engine config; give 3 points for most laps led, 2 points for fastest in race lap, 1 point for pole; bring back team and drive control.

  2. Rob Jenkins

    IM<HO, Regarding Team Stroll, aka Racing Point, one should never forget that even when he's wrong, Lance Stroll is STILL Lawrence Stroll's son. No Mercedes deal with this pair will work out unless it involves Lance driving a Mercedes. There aren't enough seats in F1 for spares like Lance.
    Or maybe there are, since he finds himself driving in F1.


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