F1 aerodynamics

Red Bull not amused by Aston Martin’s new Xerox design

May 21 – Red Bull is preparing to go to war with Aston Martin over what Dr Helmut Marko describes as an “incredible copy”..

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21 May 2022

Marko hails Red Bull team for ‘courage’ to attack

Apr.25 – Red Bull and Max Verstappen are back in the fight for the 2022 world championship, after dominating on Ferrari’s home..

25 Apr 2022

Mercedes’ porpoising problem explained by Peter Wright

Can Mercedes solve their chronic problems with porpoising (or bouncing) without dialling-back their current, prodigious downforce levels?..

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1 Apr 2022

Alfa Romeo boss hopes F1 will ban ‘no sidepod’ solution

Mar.18 – Formula 1 should consider clamping down on Mercedes’-style ‘no sidepod’ innovations for 2023 and beyond...

18 Mar 2022

‘Porpoising’ will be short-lived in F1 according Binotto

Mar.17 – Mattia Binotto thinks all the fuss about so-called ‘porpoising’ will soon go quiet in Formula 1 circles...

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17 Mar 2022

Insider says Ferrari has doubts about certain aero solutions

Feb.8 – There are signs of early trouble with Ferrari’s all-new car for the radical 2022 regulations. According to well-known..

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8 Feb 2022

Mercedes W12 ‘Automatic’ rear suspension in action

Here you can see, where the Mercedes W12 got it’s amazing top speed from during the last Turkish Formula 1 Grand Prix. You can see..

24 Nov 2021

AlphaTauri Tech Tuesday: Aerodynamics

The fourth and final element in our Tech Tuesday series inspired by the elements that make up our planet! We’ve had Water..

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23 Nov 2021

Next years F1 car with Scarbs and Peter Windsor (3/3)

In the third part of his 2022 F1 new car analysis, Craig Scarborough talks to Peter Windsor about the effect of high- and low-downforce..

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11 Nov 2021

Mercedes rear suspension system not useful for Red Bull

Nov.1 – Red Bull has ruled out trying to copy Mercedes’ rear suspension layout that could reportedly boost straightline speeds..

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1 Nov 2021

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