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Racing Point already using 2020 Mercedes suspension

Oct.21 - Racing Point has confirmed that it is already running the rear suspension of this year's Mercedes on its own 2020 car. The team..

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21 Oct 2020

Racing Point says McLaren & Renault also copied Mercedes

Oct.19 - Racing Point is not the only team that 'copies' the concepts of their dominant rival Mercedes. That is the claim of Andy Green,..

19 Oct 2020

Ferrari adds weight to 'pink Mercedes' controversy

Aug.5 - Ferrari has now joined the growing push against Racing Point's 'pink Mercedes'. Technical director Andrew Green says he hates the..

5 Aug 2020

Green: 2021 cars to be slower despite 'freeze'

Jun.22 - The cars of 2021 are likely to be slower than this year's 2020 field, according to Racing Point technical boss Andy Green. That is..

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22 Jun 2020

2020 Engine change takes twice as long

Jun.19 - Crash repairs and engine changes will take significantly longer at grands prix in 2020, Racing Point technical boss Andy Green has..

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19 Jun 2020

Teams can still improve 'frozen' cars for 2021

Jun.18 - There is "enough scope" in the new corona-era car development freeze for uncompetitive teams to improve their single seaters for..

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18 Jun 2020

Green: 2021 Budget cap must give top teams 'headache'

Jun.15 - Those in charge of F1's biggest budget teams must be suffering from a "massive headache", according to Racing Point technical boss..

15 Jun 2020

Green: Fewer car updates planned for 2020

Jun.10 - Formula 1 teams will have only a limited car development program in 2020, according to Racing Point technical boss Andy Green. "We..

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10 Jun 2020

Andrew Green 2020 Beyond the Grid interview

 When it comes to giant killing in F1, few have done it better than Racing Point in recent years – in fact in 2016 and ’17, with the..

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27 May 2020

'Pink Mercedes' protest rumours circulate

Rumblings of a Melbourne protest against Racing Point's 'pink Mercedes' are circulating in the Barcelona test paddock. Bigger teams like..

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27 Feb 2020

Green: New 'double diffuser' likely in 2021

Racing Point technical boss Andy Green is expecting a surprise innovation like the 'double diffuser' of 2009 to affect Formula 1 once again..

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3 Feb 2020

Racing Point 'nervous' about 2020-2021 seasons

Racing Point technical boss Andy Green admits he is "very nervous" about how the team will handle this year's preparations for the new..

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13 Jan 2020

Green: F1 must learn from Hubert-Correa crash

Formula 1 must learn from the crash that killed Anthoine Hubert and left fellow F2 driver Juan Manuel Correa seriously injured. In a London..

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21 Sep 2019

Wolff not denying Racing Point 'B team' rumour

Toto Wolff has not completely denied wanting to make Racing Point a sort of Haas-like 'B team' for Mercedes. It has emerged that Racing..

13 Apr 2019

Racing Point: 'Isolated' teams must react to B teams

Non 'B' teams like Racing Point and McLaren will have to "think" about how to respond to the alliances being forged between the sport's..

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20 Mar 2019

Green: Racing Point becoming 'normal team'

2019 will be a transition year for the team formerly known as Force India. That is the view of team boss Otmar Szafnauer, when asked by..

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7 Mar 2019

Alfa Romeo surprised to have aced front wing design

The team formerly known as Sauber says it is surprised to be apparently leading the pack when it comes to front wing design in 2019. The..

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26 Feb 2019

Green: Cars to take 'huge' performance hit in 2019

F1 car performance has taken a "huge" hit with the advent of the new technical regulations for 2019, according to a current technical..

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18 Jan 2019

Marko: 2019 wings will not improve overtaking

The new front wings for 2019 are costing teams a lot of money but overtaking will not be easier. That is the fear of F1 officials including..

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8 Nov 2018

Report: Halo device to cost up to EUR 24.000,-

Sep.27 - F1 teams are surprised about the high cost of the controversial 'Halo' safety devices that are mandatory for 2018. Although..

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27 Sep 2017


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