Jun.15 - Those in charge of F1's biggest budget teams must be suffering from a "massive headache", according to Racing Point technical boss Andy Green.

While admitting to Auto Motor und Sport that the $145 million spending cap for 2021 will require some reorganisation, Green said the Silverstone based team actually has a smaller budget than that.

"Our first analysis suggests that we are keeping our philosophy," he said.

"But we have only known these rules for four weeks and so we have to understand them in better detail," added Green, referring to the way the rules were tweaked for the corona crisis.

But Green did admit that he is glad he is not in charge of a top team right now.

"I would have a headache, a massive headache," he said. "But these people are not stupid. I think they already know exactly where to cut back and where the focus and core business will be in the future.

"For us, the cost cap is still above our budget."

But even though the big teams will have to shrink in size and spending, Green is not expecting the hierarchy to immediately change.

"These things always take time to break through," he said. "On the track, we will probably only see the first real impact in 2023."

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2 F1 Fan comments on “Green: 2021 Budget cap must give top teams 'headache'

  1. Ian Parker

    Pretty much the first rational comment I have heard on the subject.
    Of course, it is rational because it agrees with my thinking.


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