May 4 - Toto Wolff took a step towards ending a feud with the Verstappen camp at the recent Formula 1 race at Imola.

The two sides bickered bitterly last year as Mercedes and Red Bull duelled intensely for the 2021 world championship.

But at Imola, while Max Verstappen's father Jos chatted in the paddock with a reporter for the German publication Sport1, Mercedes team boss Wolff walked past and shook hands with the former F1 driver.

"That was the first contact I had with Toto since Silverstone 2021," said Jos, referring to the race where Verstappen was taken out by Lewis Hamilton and hospitalised.

Some will surmise that 24-year-old Verstappen's chances of one day switching to Mercedes have therefore risen.

"There are performance clauses in the contract that could theoretically allow Max to exit," Red Bull's Dr Helmut Marko admits.

"But a lot would have to happen. And Max is still not a Mercedes fan."

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8 F1 Fan comments on “Wolff moves to end Verstappen feud at last

  1. shroppyfly

    No brainer though from Torger, if Joss , lets say had blanked him, who looks bad in the media, not Torger, if he shakes hands , who looks good in the media again Torger. and a nice distraction away from Mercs performance sofar

    I see the CEO of AM road cars has left, apparently he didn't get on well with Mr Stroll.. wrong choice imo LS that guy was head at AMG and did a cracking job

  2. Shroppyfly

    But a nobrainer for Torger to do it with journos around, either way he comes out of it like the good guy Jos had to shake his hand.....


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