May 5 - Andreas Seidl thinks so-called "B teams" should not be allowed in Formula 1.

The McLaren boss is aiming fire at Haas' close technical relationship with Ferrari, which now involves a facility for the small American team on the grounds at Maranello.

"Haas deserves its results, because there are rules and they comply with them," Seidl told the Spanish newspaper AS. "We are not complaining about that.

"But it is a matter of principle and how F1 should be in the future," the German added.

"Everything related to the performance of a car should be done by every team," Seidl argues.

He worries that, under the current rules, teams that want to "be ahead" in Formula 1 "might need a second team".

"It allows the B team to perform better with less effort, and it is even more worrying that the A team benefits," said Seidl.

He proposes that the "joint use of infrastructure" like wind tunnels be banned, and that only "the gearbox and the power unit" are able to be shared.

"Everything that cannot be monitored properly must be prohibited," Seidl insisted.

Alpine boss Otmar Szafnauer agrees that the very existence of close alliances between F1 competitors is problematic.

"You can go for a coffee together and share ideas," he said. "'How's that new floor going?' Or 'don't go that way, it doesn't work'."

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10 F1 Fan comments on “McLaren team boss wants 'B teams' banned from F1

  1. shroppyfly

    "Everything related to the performance of a car should be done by every team," Seidl argues

    Er Except the brilliant engine and g-box that Merc supply lol

    • Donalf

      Getting rid of B teams would allow Andretti to establish a place in f1 I'm sure Ror would be happy with that he needs cheering up.

  2. ReallyOldRacer

    "B" teams and collaboration have been around forever. Used to be called customer cars and before that simply the second team. BTW, where was this whining when RB had two teams? Hell, they had the same team name (different languages) and same car colors. So now I can't go to coffee and ask Willy how his lump is running? Much ado about nothing.

  3. Michael

    It would be nice if there were enough "A" teams to fill the grid. We have "B" teams because there aren't enough "A" teams. I'm sure that's a function of cost. I would like to see as many different teams using different tires, engines, gearboxes, designs, etc. as possible.


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