May 22 - Max Verstappen is not ready to start thinking about his future in Formula 1 beyond his current Red Bull contract, according to his manager.

The Dutch driver appears happy at the energy drink owned team, and he is in the running for the 2021 title.

But manager Raymond Vermeulen says a team change after his current contract cannot be ruled out.

"That's how it is in Formula 1. It's a constantly changing world," he told De Limburger.

"If it doesn't work out despite all the sacrifices, you have to ask yourself what the next step will be. However, that is absolutely not the case yet."

When it is time to sit down to discuss contracts, Vermeulen says dealing with Red Bull is always straightforward.

"Red Bull's commitment is a very important factor," he admitted.

"There is only one man who decides - Dietrich Mateschitz. Helmut Marko is his right-hand man and has a blank cheque for Formula 1. So you can make decisions quickly.

"If you see now what Red Bull is going to do with its own engine department, that shows the passion of the team," said Vermeulen, who co-manages Verstappen alongside the 23-year-old's father Jos.

He is hopeful Red Bull has the ability to overtake Mercedes and become clearly the fastest team in Formula 1.

"We are not there yet, but are on the path. Ultimately, we want to win together. We are close, but it is not good enough yet," said Vermeulen.

"But for now, Max feels happy at Red Bull and that is what counts."

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Verstappen's manager says Red Bull still not good enough yet

  1. Jax

    Max is not going anywhere else anytime soon. The Bull just snatched away Merc's chief powerplant engineer, and rumour has it he's even trying to convince more to follow him. Plus the cars are changing next year so a move would be unwise. Incentives for Max to stay and no incentive for Merc to waste time or effort to get him right now. Plus Max still has age on his side; no rush. He's just putting the Bulls on notice to make sure they stay busy!

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Good analysis, Jax. BTW, I was in grandstand T during quali with a view of pitlane Was that you hiding in the back of the MB garage ready to prime Sir Lewis with his excuses?

  2. shroppyfly

    The engine for next yrear, in fact the next 3 ys are frozen, so nows an ideal time to move, If redbull take an oem as a partner theyll need time to get upto speed, merc at least on the engine side are at full chat, Merc will HAVE to sign up Max they cant allow RB to sign him upto another 3yr+ deal imo, its like my wise cousin Ror said hes been at RB 6 yrs and won nothing, RB cant keep promising the old "Jam Tororrow" thing, if merc come calling, Max is there imo, at worst hell stay second but at best hell be world champion...btw have you spoken to Lucy post qualifying, hows he feeling ?


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