Sep.9 - World champion Max Verstappen has called for social media companies to clamp down against online "hate".

It comes after Red Bull and AlphaTauri strategist Hannah Schmitz was subjected to reams of abuse from those pedalling a conspiracy theory about Yuki Tsunoda's DNF at Zandvoort.

"I don't want to know and I don't care," Japanese Tsunoda, accused of taking part in a plot to fake a technical problem to help Verstappen beat Lewis Hamilton to Dutch F1 GP victory, said at Monza.

Verstappen hopes social media will filter out hateful comments soon

Max Verstappen driving Red Bull Racing RB18 leads Lewis Hamilton driving the Mercedes W13 during the 2022 F1 Grand Prix of The Netherlands (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

"I would like to ask them 'What does your brain look like?' Just do an MRI scan and see what's wrong there."

Even Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, who questioned the circumstances surrounding Tsunoda's retirement, said the "hate speech" directed at Schmitz was too much.

"We fight hard on the track but we also have respect for our competitors," he insisted.

Championship leader Verstappen, however, goes even further - insisting that social media companies like Twitter should think about censoring the most hateful commentary.

"That people think of something like this is too crazy for words," said the Red Bull driver.

"Actually, we shouldn't give it too much attention because those people don't deserve that. Hate happens in every area, not just in Formula 1, but it shouldn't happen. Hopefully in a few years it will no longer be possible to send these kinds of messages."

"Social media is something positive in itself, but there are also negative sides to it. This will remain a problem as long as everything remains open and everyone can say what they want. I think the social media companies can do more about it themselves. We can't change that, we're not in charge of that, but they definitely can work something out."

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9 F1 Fan comments on “Verstappen hopes social media will filter out hateful comments soon

    • CanadianEh

      I don't hate Dame Lucille, I just hate what he represents - an entitled narcissist virtue signaling his way through all his imagined victimhood's. You see, he's not alone. F6/Jax and other sycophants keep trying to push their left-wing narrative to feel good about themselves as well, just like The Dame.

    • Donalf

      I don't remember anyone having said they hate sir Lulu, he's just a bit like marmite you either like him or you don't, now I can eat marmite, even though I don't like it that much, doesn't mean to say I hate it. Hate is a very strong word and the only person on this site who has mentioned it is hmmmm!! you f6award!

  1. John B

    Hate was demonstrated by the booing of the supposed F1 Ferrari supporters

    Shame on them

    Bunch of bumholes

    Poor lovers

    FIA should impose team sanctions for their fan's behavior


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