A former F1 driver thinks 2019 will certainly be Valtteri Bottas' last season at Mercedes.

Bottas is under intense pressure this year, as he is out of contract at the end of 2019.

When asked if Esteban Ocon - who is in Barcelona observing the tests as Mercedes' new reserve - will replace Bottas for 2020, Marc Surer told Speed Week: "Yes, I believe so.

"Otherwise, the Mercedes junior programme is not working. They have to do that," he said.

One person hoping Bottas stays put is probably Lewis Hamilton, his current teammate.

The five time world champion says he has an "excellent working relationship" with the Finn.

"We communicate constantly and cooperate normally, and I don't remember that sort of relationship with any other teammate," said Hamilton.

"Thanks to his character, we have a great atmosphere in the team and we have successfully defended the championships since he has been here," he added.

Bottas, though, is determined not only to secure another contract, but to beat Hamilton in 2019.

When asked about the 'new' Bottas, Hamilton smiled: "All I've seen is that he has a beard.

"I'm not the type of person who has big expectations, but I can assume that he is more aggressive this year," he said. "He weighs more and has trained hard.

"He will definitely know what things he needs to focus on," Hamilton told Finland's MTV.

"It takes time to really get used to a team and he has helped us a lot. I'm sure he wants to be stronger this year and I hope he is.

"He's probably the most humble driver I've worked with and he's easier to work with than Nico (Rosberg)," he said. "It's easy to work with a Finn."

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2 F1 Fan comments on “Surer: Mercedes must replace Bottas with Ocon

  1. Frank

    Bottas was the wing man for the 2018 world champion and Bottas was expected to do what, win 7 races? I don't know what was expected of him but he was never going to beat HAM last year nor Vettel.

    • Simon Saivil

      Actually, early in the season he had some bad luck. There was a puncture at the time when he was comfortably in front. He then was ordered to yield to Hamilton. I used to like him, then I thought he was too dull, and now I think he is an underdog - everybody is dumping on him. He knows he has no future with Wolff's outfit. For that reason he'll give it all he has, and possibly surprise many. That may entice some team to take him.


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