Aug.25 - Reports that fabled Spa-Francorchamps will definitely lose its Formula 1 race after this weekend's Belgian GP are premature.

That was the word on Wednesday from F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali, who also said discussions are ongoing with promoters in Monaco and France.

"I read somewhere that it will be the last time in Belgium," he told international F1 journalists. "I would be careful with that, very careful."

F1 CEO to get 'quick answer' on African GP future

Stefano Domenicali, CEO, Formula 1, and Matteo Bonciani, Head of Motorsport Communication, Pirelli (Photo by Carl Bingham / LAT Images)

It appears that Spa's lifeline could be because the intention to get a grand prix up and running in South Africa has not yet resulted in a clear deal.

"We would like a race in Africa and South Africa is the most obvious place," said Domenicali. "But we want a stable and clear long-term agreement, not just one year and then it's over.

"These negotiations still need time."

Nonetheless, he is unapologetic about endangering the annual race dates of some of the most traditional hosts on the F1 calendar, confirming that the schedule could swell to 24 races in 2023.

"That's the number we're looking at," he confirmed.

"Although there is a lot of demand, I don't want more than 24. Next season it will be 23 or 24," said Domenicali, perhaps referring to the uncertain return of the Chinese GP.

And for any races like Paul Ricard that are left without a date, a new alternation scheme for 2024 and beyond could be their way back onto the calendar.

"That could be an option for France, for example, and I hope that Germany will also be back at the table soon," he confirmed.

"We have always said that even if they don't bring as much money, we respect the traditional races. But I said to the people in Monza 'don't rely on history alone'.

"You have to keep up with the times if you want to stay on the calendar. The negotiations with Belgium are still going on.

"I'm sure I will see them this weekend in my office in Spa," said the Italian.

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Reports of Belgian Grand Prix axe premature says F1 CEO

  1. smokey

    "Although there is a lot of demand, I don't want more than 24."
    Sounds like the words of a dictator! Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, he will decree what happens! Has Stefano been taking lessons from Xi and Putin?
    A good CEO would achieve consensus from the stakeholders ~ teams, drivers, sponsors and fan base, before determining what will happen for future events.
    Whatever Stefano dictates, if Spa disappears from the calendar it will take my interest in F1 with it!

  2. shroppyfly

    If believe what they tell us the teams, f1 , the sports never been in a better place, if it was solely upto DIMenicali, hed let Andretti in tomorrow, but the others are whinging about dilution of money, thats all its about, nothing to do with Value/Heritage, so hes balancing the two things up, plain and simple

    Two other thoughts before Quali who was it banging on about Bobby Rahal moved himself and family to the UK when he joined the f1 circus., errrr Ofcourse he did , thats what Ford employed senior Management do, they move themselves around the Globe wherever the next job role is , sodd all to with ( doing it right ) as opposed to Andretti flying in and out doing it wrong Mario or Michael

    Finally the rumours of ANOTHER mfr wanting in on F1 are swirling the Paddock? who might that be then? my money is on one of China's 100 car mfrs joining in to prove to the decadent west, they are good people, hands up wose got an Iphone , with made in China stamped into the casings lol

  3. smokey

    Great news in a TV interview today from Domenicali that Spa will remain on the F1 calendar at least for 2023 and possibly for the foreseeable future.
    I am glad that sense has prevailed and the voices of F1 teams, drivers and fans have been heard.


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