May 13 - Red Bull is "calm" even though the FIA is clamping down amid the latest rumours about flexible wings.

It was believed the governing body's warning to teams about excessive rear wing deflection was specifically about Red Bull's 2021 car - especially after Lewis Hamilton said he had noticed its "bendy" wing in Barcelona.

But Dr Helmut Marko told "Toto Wolff told Lewis to say that.

"We are calm. We have passed all the previous tests and will continue to do so in future ones.

"This just shows how seriously they are taking us at Mercedes," the Red Bull top official added.

Actually, Sport1 correspondent Ralf Bach said he believes Red Bull is in fact not in the immediate cross-hairs of Formula 1's governing body.

"To the chagrin of Mercedes, the FIA officials are not even targeting Verstappen's team, but rather Alpine. The former Renault works team is said to be the greatest master in flexibility," he said.

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8 F1 Fan comments on “Red Bull Racing 'calm' amid new flexible wing saga

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    Yeah Marko, Toto called Lewis in and told him to go out and say that VER's wing is bendy. God I love this guy, he is the king of trash. LOL

  2. Rick

    Hamilton said he wanted proper competition, bull shit! Soon as he gets it in the form of Red Bull & Max he starts complaining to the FIA what a lying cry baby

  3. Zdenko G. Kolatschek

    there is a certain prejudging of Hamilton and the Mercedes team!!
    Verstappen wanted to make a name for himself since he started racing and I have followed him ever since. at the beginning of his courier he was the most dangerous on life threatening driver , taking im at Hamilton from the start. add to it the fans dislike of Hmilton and thge end result is very clear that most of the fans know nothing about
    sthics and sportsman ship!!! and having been there ,I certainly know it from my own experience.


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