Dr Helmut Marko says he has set a target of "more than five" wins for Red Bull-Honda in 2020.

The team, having finished behind Mercedes and Ferrari last year, is clearly targeting the title with Max Verstappen in 2020.

Marko also set the five win target for 2019, but Verstappen only won in Austria, Hockenheim and Brazil.

"We want to fight for the world championship so we know we have to be competitive from the very first race," Marko says.

"Honda has made good progress for this year, and after everything we have achieved so far, we assume that this will happen.

"That means we have no excuses," Marko insisted.

He acknowledged that both Red Bull and Honda therefore need to deliver "an absolutely complete package" in order to finally beat Mercedes in the power unit era.

"I assume that there must be more than five," said the Austrian, when asked how many wins Red Bull-Honda would need for the title.

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Red Bull-Honda eyes 'more than five' wins in 2020

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    Hmmm, last year Marko promised five wins delivering only three, this year five is a target not a promise. It seems the good doctor might be embracing reality.

  2. ok then

    Not with Honda. They won 4 in 2018 with Renault then Horner slagged off Renault, changed to Honda and got one less, boy did I laugh. The target next year is only one more win than 2018, hopefully they come short and Horner will get sacked, the only downside is we won't get Gerry popping up


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