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Honda Eyes Japanese Ace for 2026 Season at Aston Martin

Apr.20 – Honda is making no secret of its desire to see a Japanese driver at the wheel of a Honda-powered car for Formula 1’s..

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20 Apr 2024

Fueling the Future: Alonso’s Insightful Contract Extension and Aramco’s Crucial Role

Apr.17 – Fernando Alonso may simply have extended and expanded his existing contract, but it could be a strategic masterstroke..

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17 Apr 2024

Liam Lawson Looms as Red Bull’s Top Pick Over Tsunoda

Mar.6 – Honda says no decision has been taken as to whether Yuki Tsunoda will move on from the Red Bull family next year. In Bahrain,..

6 Mar 2024

Red Bull’s Power Play: Honda Eyes Fourth Title While Plotting Future

Feb.28 – Although currently powering the ultra-dominant Red Bull team, Honda is already working on its new works Formula 1 project..

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28 Feb 2024

Marko’s Changing Gears: Red Bull’s Engine Evolution with Honda

Jan.16 – Dr Helmut Marko admits Red Bull’s relationship with engine supplier Honda will change yet again in 2024. It was..

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16 Jan 2024

2026 Engine Battle Looms: Red Bull’s Ford Partnership vs Honda’s Aston Martin!

Oct.3 – Red Bull and Honda have both confirmed that their working relationship at present is quite awkward. Currently, their..

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3 Oct 2023

From Mercedes Customer to F1 Contender: Aston Martin’s Road to Honda Works Team

Sep.29 – Aston Martin is already starting to prepare for life as Honda’s works Formula 1 project for 2026. Silverstone-based..

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29 Sep 2023

Honda’s comeback: Boosting influence on and off the F1 track

Jul.7 – Honda would like talks with Formula 1 to boost the influence of the engine manufacturers. The Japanese marque initially..

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7 Jul 2023

McLaren and Red Bull deny 2026 engine F1 deal struck

Jun.9 – McLaren and Red Bull have denied claims that a deal has been struck over an engine deal for the new Formula 1 regulations..

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9 Jun 2023

Speed vs Sustainability: Newey questions F1’s 2026 rule revolution

May 31 – Adrian Newey has warned that Formula 1’s sweeping rule changes for 2026 threaten to slow the cars down too much. When..

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31 May 2023

Verstappen not happy with losing Honda F1 engine

May 26 – Max Verstappen says it’s “a shame” that Red Bull is losing Honda’s works support. Aston Martin and..

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26 May 2023

Aston Martin & Honda: Will Alonso stay for the works F1 project?

May 26 – Fernando Alonso’s personal manager says it’s possible the 41-year-old will race with Honda works power in 2026...


Aston Martin secures exclusive Honda engines for F1 2026: What’s next?

May 25 – Aston Martin will be the only recipient of works Honda engines in 2026, Japanese official Koji Watanabe insists. Team owner..

25 May 2023

Red Bull and Honda’s F1 partnership set for thrilling farewell in 2025

May 25 – Red Bull and Honda say they will continue to collaborate in Formula 1 even though they will definitely part ways at the end..

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Tsunoda’s Rise: Could the Japanese driver join Aston Martin-Honda?

May 24 – Two names are already being mentioned as potential Aston Martin-Honda drivers for 2026. Honda announced from Japan on..

24 May 2023

Aston Martin’s CEO reveals winning strategy: Honda partnership for victory

May 24 – Aston Martin had to move away from Mercedes in order to target the world championship, according to Group CEO Martin..

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Honda announces big comeback to F1 in partnership with Aston Martin in 2026

May 24 – Honda, the Japanese car manufacturer, is preparing for a grand re-entry to Formula 1 in 2026, this time partnering with..


Honda confirms continuing F1 activities but decision for 2026 pending

Mar.24 – Honda is not yet decided about definitely staying in Formula 1 beyond 2025. This week, unofficial reports suggested that..

24 Mar 2023

Honda in no hurry to decide about F1 future beyond 2025

Feb.21 – Formula 1 teams are already enquiring about Honda’s plans for 2026 and beyond. That is despite the fact that, while..

21 Feb 2023

Formula 1’s Growth Attracts Multiple Brands for McLaren Engine Deal

Feb.16 – Zak Brown is keeping an open mind about the identity of McLaren’s next engine supplier. Currently, the Woking based..

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16 Feb 2023

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