Aug.25 - Dr Helmut Marko admits it is not "100 percent certain" that Sergio Perez will still be in a Red Bull car in 2024.

Kleine Zeitung newspaper in Austria is reporting that, during Formula 1's August break, Daniel Ricciardo travelled to Graz to catch up with Marko.

That is despite the fact that Mexican Perez is already signed up for 2024.

"Nothing is 100 percent certain in Formula 1," Marko told the newspaper when asked whether Perez has a job guarantee for next year. "It just doesn't exist.

"There are always performance-related situations somewhere that need to be discussed. We'll take a look and discuss how to proceed in Zandvoort, then we'll know more," the 80-year-old added.

After losing his McLaren seat due to poor performance at the end of last season, Ricciardo returned to F1 as Red Bull's reserve driver this year - and just prior to the summer break, replaced Nyck de Vries at AlphaTauri.

The Australian, 34, is dating Heidi Berger - the daughter of well-known Red Bull confidante Gerhard Berger.

Together, Heidi and Ricciardo travelled to Kitzbuhel for holidays - and then had a meal with Marko in Graz.

"We saw each other," Marko confirmed. "That's clear when he comes to Graz.

"He (Ricciardo) has a very positive personality, a successful career and incredible experience. His momentum and vigour caused a real jolt at AlphaTauri. It was a real boost of motivation," he said.

It is clear that, if nothing else happens, Ricciardo will be offered another season at AlphaTauri next year.

"There will be a major update at AlphaTauri and we will see whether the direction is right," said Marko. "A driver like Ricciardo will of course help enormously as he tells you exactly what is good and which updates are useless."

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Perez's Future Uncertainty: Red Bull's F1 Driver Lineup for 2024 Hangs in Balance

  1. Jere Jyrälä

    He's under contract until next year's end, so he'd only get sacked if his performance level dropped again.
    Ricciardo's unfortunate hand injury might ease his situation a bit, though.

  2. smokey

    All contracts in F1 have an out clause, both for teams and for drivers. If Perez doesn't meet the performance clause in his contract, it opens the door for him to be stood aside. As Marko stated ~ "Nothing is 100 percent certain in Formula 1".
    Why are we not surprised!

  3. Kenneth J LaBry

    If you look at past performance, both Perez and Riccardo have a noted inconsistency. I think that they are probably fairly equivalent in talent with weaknesses and strengths in different areas that balance out in comparison. Neither in a Red Bull would be .5 seconds ahead of the field as Max is. It will be a strategic decision by Marko to decide who he thinks will be best as a number two. Remember that Perez does have quite a following in Mexico, Central and South America which is helped by his mentor Carlos Slim. From an RB corporate marketing perspective I will bet that they have had a significant increase in RB drink sales in the Mexico, Central and South American region since Perez has been an RB driver. This will be a consideration and may well be above Marko's pay grade.


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