Jul.12 - Mercedes is poised to announce the signing of George Russell for 2022 and beyond, according to a growing number of authoritative sources.

British commentators Martin Brundle and David Croft, as well as 1996 world champion Damon Hill, all admit they are expecting the news to be made official at the British GP this weekend.

"Then it's game over for Valtteri (Bottas)," racing driver and Finnish pundit Toni Vilander told the broadcaster MTV.

"You could tell it was in his mind already," the Finn added.

"The most important thing for Mercedes was to confirm that Hamilton is staying part of the team. So now the main pillar is in place.

"I don't think Russell would be happy to sign another Williams agreement. You could say that Hamilton's two-year contract will be his last, in which case the next champion will be raised next to him.

"Unfortunately these are all things that Valtteri has little influence over."

If 23-year-old Briton Russell does get the call-up, Nico Hulkenberg or Daniil Kvyat - both F1 reserve drivers this year - are said to be in pole position to replace him at Williams.

Bottas, 31, has also been linked with a return to Williams, and also Alfa Romeo.

Russell said: "I am in constant touch with Mercedes. They have always taken care of me.

"No matter what happens, I'll have a Mercedes engine behind me next year. I'm a Mercedes driver - I'm loyal to them," he insisted.

"I've always said 'if you do a good job, you will be rewarded'. It's as simple as that."

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39 F1 Fan comments on “Mercedes team set to announce Russell for next F1 season this week?

      • ReallyOldRacer

        The 2-3 US young guns who are qualified have mentioned only disdain re moving to Europe, and the rest are just not fast enough. Sad. BTW, we do have a successful American racer currently in F1.....PER is every bit an American.

        • shroppyfly

          Seriously though , why with all the American racing does america not produce more f1 guys/champions, its weird when small countries like finland or scotland do

          • ReallyOldRacer

            First, there really are talented drivers here. Some, but not all reasons why the dearth of US kids in F1.

            1. Way too expensive and little young driver support.
            2. We are not a cosmopolitan country. Language, food, etc..
            3. F1 is Euro/Brit centric. Tough to get noticed across the pond.
            4. Kids can get noticed and succeed here on driving merit.
            5. Many opp's here to race every weekend without travel.
            6. US racing has become quite lucrative for drivers.

            There are dozens of reasons, mostly F1 has little allure for US youngsters anymore. Money is a HUGE issue. If wealthy daddy likes the idea of F1 and will pay (Latifi & Stroll), great, otherwise stay here, eat Mac's, listen to rap, speak english and aspire to IndyCar, sports cars or BASHCAR. Sad.

          • Brian T

            An argument could be made that the US punching below its weight is a question of racing talent. Indy car today is about 2/3 non-US racers, with 4 of the top 5 being non-US.

      • ReallyOldRacer

        For those of you who are way too provincial and a bit light on geography. Following is a list of countries in north AMERICA. There is also a South America. All residents are, by definition, AMERICANS. Memorize the list. There will be a quiz.

        Antigua and Barbuda (Caribbean)
        Bahamas (Caribbean)
        Barbados (Caribbean)
        Belize (Central America)
        Costa Rica (Central America)
        Dominica (Caribbean)
        Dominican Republic (Caribbean)
        El Salvador (Central America)
        Grenada (Caribbean)
        Guatemala (Central America)
        Haiti (Caribbean)
        Honduras (Central America)
        Jamaica (Caribbean)
        Nicaragua (Central America)
        Saint Kitts and Nevis (Caribbean)
        Panama (Central America)
        Saint Lucia (Caribbean)
        Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Caribbean)
        Trinidad and Tobago (Caribbean)
        United States of America

          • Brian T

            Wasn’t me with the widget, but naming us all Americans is a bit loose with the language...the only Canadian that would self identify as American might be an indigenous person (who might not call themselves Canadian either). Sure, we are all North Americans per your list, but American is not how many outside the USA would ever refer to themselves.

          • ReallyOldRacer

            Brian, you are, of course, correct. I'm way off pont and sorry to be political in a racing thread. I am simply promoting a more cosmopolitan attitude. IMO the world would be a happier place.

            OK, enough of my blathering. Let's go racing!!!

  1. Jax

    We are gathered here today in memory of Valtteri Bottas. He made a valiant effort to contribute to Mercedes success over his tenure and was a gentle soul. We bid thee farewell and may he rest in peace.....in another team! Lol. Amen.
    Next up, Boy George shall be born again.

    P.s. Hey Old fella, how's that HAM/BOT 2022 forecast working out?! Lol

  2. junior

    I'll always be a VB/77 fan... however, GR/63 is indeed promoted, he'll be my new fave... hopefully, Silver Arrows goes back to silver - black cars look awful.

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Not yet a done deal. Lot's of Brit comments and support, but no ink on paper. Crofty and Brundle aren't making the call, MB is. Why rush the call? They control RUS's future no matter what they decide. Totally agree on the silver paint.

  3. Jax

    Valtteri Valtteri, oh why thou so weary.
    Your pace was dreary.
    Your speed wasn't scary.
    To beat Hammer was a theory, but turned out to be a fairy.
    Valtteri Valtteri, try Indycar and you may win some dairy. 😂

  4. shroppyfly

    off another site

    George Russell has ruled out being announced as a Mercedes driver for the 2022 season at the British Grand Prix.

    The rumour mill had suggested that Silverstone would be the place to officially unveil Russell as Lewis Hamilton’s new team-mate, with Valtteri Bottas making way after five seasons with the Silver Arrows.

    However, those hoping to see Russell confirmed are going to have to wait a little longer as there will be no news coming from the Mercedes camp this weekend, according to Russell himself.

  5. shroppyfly

    that isn't scuffles, that's what we call having a bit of a chat thats all.... , BUT seriously what does posting this mean, the behaviour of some England fans was disgraceful, wed all agree on that, but posting it, means nothing to me, whats it meant to prove ?


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