Aug.10 - Kevin Magnussen thinks something is fundamentally wrong with his Haas car.

The Danish driver retired from Sunday's race at Silverstone with excessive vibrations, and the team had run out of suitable new tyres to return to the track.

Magnussen suspects something is wrong with his car - but not teammate Romain Grosjean's.

"We were just completely hopeless," he is quoted by Ekstra Bladet newspaper. "We know the car is not this bad, so there's something wrong with the one we're using here.

"We had that crash last Sunday, and the parts we used this week are old - from the winter test. I don't know what else it could be, because I know the car is better than this.

"It was just my side of the garage. Everything with Romain has been fine. We are hopefully looking into it and building a new car for Spain," Magnussen said.

Team boss Gunther Steiner said he understands there is a problem with Magnussen's car.

"We can rebuild it, but it's also about finding out what happened," he said. "Otherwise you build it again and again and end up in the same situation.

"We will do our best over the next few days before going to Spain."

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Magnussen wants 'new car' after Silverstone struggle

  1. The Truth

    Stop lying to people, no one believes your excuses anymore. Every time you have a duel on the track you end up hitting the wall or breaking your opponent's car. Maybe it's time for you to accept that you are a terrible racer and you don't deserve to be in Formula 1.

    • praero

      Thats quite some rubbish in one comment, lol.
      Why do you state something so offset, maybee tou actually believe in this mind loop, line the ones who think they can sing in x-factor, lol

      • The Truth

        It's the truth, nobody is asking you to agree, my comment is just a recap of Magnussen's performances in Formula 1. You only need to see the 5 races that were held this year and you will see that in most of them Magnussen ended up crashing or with penalties for unsportsmanlike actions against other drivers.

  2. ReallyOldRacer

    My dream is that Mr. Haas re-ups, gets serious and rebuilds around HUL and PER as drivers. Checo brings $$$ and Gene should be able to entice a US based sponsor rather than a flaky Brit Red Bull wannabe. We need a US based F1 team and it's time to put in the effort or get the hell out.


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