Jul.18 - Ferrari's former technical chief is urging the Maranello team to nominate a clear number 1 driver for the championship battle with Max Verstappen.

Enrico Scalabroni, a well-known name in the F1 paddock who also worked at teams including Williams and Lotus, disagrees with the current policy of allowing Carlos Sainz to fight for the title against teammate Charles Leclerc.

"Ferrari must have a first and second driver for the battle with Verstappen," he told f1sport.it.

"At this level, with a lot of points to make up for, they need to do that. The second driver must be there to prioritise the team.

"It doesn't matter if the name is Leclerc or Sainz. It's not about the driver, it's about the team," the Argentinean added.

"If they want to win as a team, they can't do what Williams did with Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet, for example," he said.

On the face of it, Ferrari's leading candidate as number 1 is Leclerc - with a longer contract, higher salary and a clear 37-point advantage in the drivers' standings.

"The most important thing is to drive for the team," said Scalabroni. "So I think the biggest issue is which of the two drivers has the most points.

"Ferrari is not looking at that now, but it has to make a decision. They should focus on the driver with the most points and who has had the fewest problems."

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Leclerc should be number 1 at Ferrari now according Scalabroni

  1. f1award

    Jeez should have been the decision in March before the season started. Ferrari need all the help they can get to win a WDC, before Leclerc goes to Mercedes in a huff.


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