Jun.8 - Charles Leclerc may be emerging as a new favourite for the 2024 world championship.

In Montreal, Red Bull consultant Dr Helmut Marko told Kleine Zeitung newspaper that after the first three races of the season, "the world championship looked so easy" for Max Verstappen to win again.

But now, with Charles Leclerc's win for Ferrari from pole in Monaco coupled with Red Bull's handling problems, Marko is nervously looking at the Monegasque.

"He has definitely made an incredible step forward and has great self-confidence," said Marko, who says Leclerc's Ferrari is now "universally fast on all tracks".

Another figure pointing at Leclerc as the favourite in Montreal this weekend is McLaren's Lando Norris.

"They always say that," smiled Leclerc, "whether it's Helmut Marko or Lando.

"But nobody wants to hear that they're the favourite, so I'll never say that," he insisted.

However, Leclerc does agree that Ferrari has "improved more than anyone in the last seven or eight months", and he admits that at least on paper, Verstappen and Red Bull can now be beaten.

The 26-year-old added: "We have to take every opportunity and the same approach, but I'm not thinking about the championship. I'm thinking about winning races at every grand prix and keep improving."

McLaren team boss Andrea Stella also said in Montreal: "I do agree with Charles that Ferrari is in the quest to become world champion on both championships."

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Leclerc Rejects New 'Title Favourite' Talk Despite Ferrari’s Great Form

  1. Jere Jyrälä

    Too early for championship considerations, although 14 races & 4 sprints left, so plenty of points & opportunities for winning the championship if he & Ferrari can take away points from Max & Red Bull Racing even semi-regularly.
    The Spanish GP will probably show the general trend for the remaining season.

  2. smokey

    Dismal showing for both Ferraris at Montreal! Neither progressed to Q3, which casts doubts on the claim that Ferrari is "universally fast on all tracks". Time for a reality check!

  3. Tommy

    What a Joke! The talent was giving the Ferraris the front row before practice even began and talking about the constructors and the WDC almost guaranteed to be won by Ferrari now after their amazing domination in Monaco. I thought Croft was going to pass out after Hammy turned the fastest lap in FP3. He just blurts out BS from the second he's on air. Twice he got it wrong today, 1st he claimed we could leave this weekend with a new leader in the WDC.....WRONG! Max could sit out tomorrows race and still have a 5 point lead. Then 2nd he claimed no one could even come within .3 of a sec of Hammy during FP3. Again tired of hearing the talent root against RB and Max. I Really think if Max doesn't tap the wall in Monaco he takes poll there. Red Bull and Max's reign of Terror isn't over yet!


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