Journalists predict F1 exit for Kubica

Journalists predict F1 exit for Kubica
Robert Kubica (POL) Williams Racing. German Grand Prix, Thursday 25th July 2019. Hockenheim, Germany.

Written by Melanie van de Brug

Two well known F1 journalists think Robert Kubica is likely to lose his place on the grid.

After an eight year break with his permanent arm injuries, the 34-year-old Pole returned to Formula 1 this year with Williams but has struggled.

"George Russellis clearly the faster man at Williams," said veteran Swiss journalist Roger Benoit, who writes for Blick newspaper.

"Waiting with a suitcase of his father's money to replace him is Nicholas Latifi," Benoit added, saying Kubica's chances of keeping his seat for 2020 are just 15 per cent.

Italian journalist Giorgio Terruzzi, who writes for newspapers including Corriere della Sera, agrees.

He thinks Alfa Romeo driver Antonio Giovinazzi is also at risk of losing his seat for 2020.

"I have a problem writing about both because of my sympathy for these guys. Above all, it's very difficult to understand their situations," said Terruzzi.

"They both have difficult teammates to face, then there is the issue of the support they receive. Kubica consistently drives second-class equipment, which in the case of Williams means a third-rate car.

"I'm afraid that he will have a problem staying in Formula 1. I hope I'm wrong, because drivers like Kubica appear only once in a while," Terruzzi added.

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Journalists predict F1 exit for Kubica

  1. Amaya locks

    Well at least Robert Kubica had a second chance at f1. but Williams needs a good car to get into the points. and Antonio Giovinazzi well he as not help Alfa Romeo. but good luck to you's both.

  2. Pam

    The quicker Kubia goes back to be a support in the pits rather than racing on the grid the better. However, Williams wants and probably needs the sponsor money attached to him so I think he will still be there in 2020. Also, the car is so slow my granny could be driving it and Claire would keep her as long as she came with cash! George R needs to leave Williams asap to save his career!

  3. Mitchell Palmer

    Williams have somehow forgotten how to build an F1 car, despite using probably the best power unit currently available. Would any genuienly ambitious young driver really want to risk their career scrabbling around at the back of the field? When they'd be so busy watching their mirrors preparing to be lapped, that it'd be impossible to concentrate on a race with their team mate - which is the only actual 'race' they'd be having. It's a blind alley for any young driver - they'd be achieving nothing, and learning nothing useful. A Formula E drive would be better than that - they'd at least have a chance of getting some results, which surely is why they're in racing? As for Williams, McLaren has shown this season that a bad situation can be turned around - if you really want to.


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