Toto Wolff is forecasting a "very strong" performance by Ferrari after the summer break.

Marca sports newspaper reports that the Maranello team, which was outclassed by Mercedes and Red Bull-Honda in Hungary, will unveil its third-specification engine at Spa.

The Spanish publication said the new engine should deliver a 20 horsepower boost.

Even without considering the new engine, Mercedes boss Wolff said he already expected Ferrari to be strong at the high-speed circuits that await after the August break.

"In Hungary it was clear that the Ferrari was not well adapted to the circuit," Wolff said.

"But they have a very powerful engine, so we should see a very strong Ferrari at Spa and Monza. We'll have to work hard to be competitive."

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8 F1 Fan comments on “Report: 20hp engine boost for Ferrari after break

  1. Jadra

    Spa may be a turning point for the Scuderia and they can truly challenge Mercedes and RB . I hope Vettel can win there again and prove that he is not ready to retire yet, he just needs a car that will give him a much better performance and I am sure he will deliver results .

  2. Pierre

    In addition to the increase in power output Ferrari, need seriously look at the down force needed for the slow corners at some of the more difficult tracks in order to take full advantage of the increase in power. They should concentrate to increase the comfort of the drivers with in the team in order for them to gain the required confidence

  3. Frans Wilson

    Lucky shots can not win you all the races. I was a Ferrari van but list respect for them. In fact. Since they had the new stewards, F1 could rather stop

  4. Shadow

    This is what Toto and Mercedes have been saying from the beginning of the year and for the last 12 races, yet they are still behind. Until they fix their Aero issues, i don't expect them at the top of the constructors championship.

  5. Camel Jockey

    More power is a good step to getting to the corners in front before their tricky down force takes away the momentum. Will be good for an old fox like Vettel who can brake and block with the best of them out there when he gets a sniff.


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