Jul.20 - Max Verstappen's Honda engine may somehow have survived his huge 51G crash at Silverstone.

Red Bull official Dr Helmut Marko told RTL that initial estimates are that "around three quarters of a million euros" in damage was done after Lewis Hamilton tipped the championship leader into the barriers at Copse corner.

He said he isn't sure if the engine - just one of three units championship leader Verstappen can race in 2021 without penalty - is among the terminal damage.

"When I saw the pictures of the car, I immediately thought to myself 'That's a lot of damage'," Honda technical boss Toyoharu Tanabe is quoted by France's Auto Hebdo.

"But in reality, it seems to me that the damage is less than what I saw at first. However, it is still too early to make a precise assessment of what needs to be changed.

"We are sending the engine block to Sakura and will check all the details before making a decision. Honestly, I really don't know the consequences for the engine after a 51G impact.

"It really depends on where it hit," the Japanese added.

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21 F1 Fan comments on “Honda says Verstappen's engine may have survived huge crash

  1. Sundance

    As Christian Horner says, the action taken by Sir Lewis Hamilton was not of a professional F1 driver, he was not past Max, and what I saw in the replay, he took his only threat out with an unprofessional maneuver. He is an F1 sport thug, and will do what ever is necessary to take the opposition out as subtly as possible, I do hope there is suspension up and coming. I hope he is proud of the of the sport thug he is

  2. David Larison

    Christian is absolutely right on this one, Hamster is fully aware he cannot beat Max so he took him out. The fact that Hamster resorted to this kind of maneuver shows his lack of character. That he was willing to risk another Racers' life(which is exactly what he did) to win a race show a complete lack of empathy. Personally I think his Knighthood should be revoked.

      • shroppyfly

        not defending him obviously, but of course if we knew then what we know now , unfortunately life isn't like that, but yes they are given out too easily as are other things cbe,mbe,obe, the honours system works like this , you are nominated for it, by a person , or a group of people, and its the government that sift through them and put the list then to Her Majesty, all she does is dole them out, so blame anyone ,blame ALL GOVERNMENTS lab.conserv, yes they should vet the potential recipient, but if they havent been caught for something they've done prior to the honour being bestowed on them, then hardly the vetting process at fault, just saying.....

  3. John Mitchell

    What a pack of moaning Red Bull supporters. Talk about unprofessional moves, that defines Max V perfectly. Lewis H was half way alongside Max when Max (in his usual fashion) decides to try and close the gate while at 200mph+. I am pleased that neither of the drivers were seriously hurt.

  4. David Larison

    Noone was seriously hurt? Didn't you hear the Audio of Max after the crash? He didn't die thanks to the Safety improvements Formula 1 has today, 10-15 years ago who knows. Formula 1 should Sanction Hamster for 1 race so that he understands this is unacceptable behavior, Race Hard but fair.


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