Nov.3 - Romain Grosjean has admitted that a move from Formula 1 to Indycar for 2021 cannot be ruled out.

Earlier, the Frenchman said the American series' many oval circuits were a turn-off because of the heightened safety risk, but suddenly he admits that Indycar is "certainly an option".

"I have some contacts in America," said 34-year-old Grosjean, who like current Haas teammate Kevin Magnussen will be ousted by the American team after Abu Dhabi next month.

Grosjean told the Dutch publication Formule 1 that he didn't realise that there are only four oval circuits on the Indycar calendar.

"I am disappointed that I did not see the calendar before, but now I am definitely considering it," he explained.

He said he has discussed the potential of a move to Indycar with former F1 driver Marcus Ericsson, who switched full-time to the series last year.

"He is very enthusiastic," Grosjean revealed.

"It's different to Formula 1. Drivers play a big role as the cars are the same. Sure a few teams are better, but anyone can win races and I want to win again so I'm definitely interested in Indycar."

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