Jan.6 - The new year has begun without Lewis Hamilton having signed a new contract with Mercedes.

According to sources, including Italy's Corriere dello Sport, team parent Daimler is balking at the new seven time world champion's contract demands.

For instance, it is claimed the almost 36-year-old wants EUR 40 million per season for four consecutive years, plus 10 percent - around EUR 10 million - of the team's title bonuses.

Reports also claim Hamilton wants a limited edition, $2.72 AMG Project One supercar and a key role in Mercedes' transition to new 'green' technologies.

Corriere della Sera newspaper claims Daimler is yet to agree to the demands, amid supposed concerns about the length of the deal and the tantalising prospects for the future of Mercedes junior George Russell.

Indeed, it is notable that while Russell is staying at Williams next year, the struggling team will begin to use Mercedes-made gearboxes and hydraulics from 2022.

"For Williams, it makes sense to acquire the integrated powertrain after running our power units since 2014 and for our team, it makes sense in terms of economies of scale to supply another team under the new rules," said Toto Wolff.

As for the Hamilton deal, Mercedes' chief bargaining chip is that the British driver would continue to have clearly the best car in the field at his disposal in 2021.

"The media does such a good job of telling everyone that Adrian Newey builds the best chassis that it convinced everyone else to copy that concept," said Mercedes technical director James Allison.

"In the meantime, we've flown under the radar with a car that everyone believed was all about its powerful engine," he told Auto Motor und Sport.

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Daimler yet to agree to new Hamilton deal

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    If these HAM demands are accurate (???) the MB board should simply tell him to pound sand. It would be nice to give HUL a long deserved shot at some glory.

    • Oldtwit

      Much as I like HUL I'm stating to think George is the way to go for them now.
      That quote says it all "The media does such a good job of telling everyone that" looks as if this is just more page filling for the media ....

  2. geriactric racer

    What a GREEDY person Hamilton is....The SIR Title has gone to head...Just give GEORGE $2 Mil to drive and DONATE A FEW MIL TO CHARITY...........GREEDY little person

  3. Hans Bennik

    I totally agree with geriatric racer that the totally unimportant title of sir has gone to his head. He sees himself as the best racer in hystory, which he is NOT and is absolutely absurd with his demands in a new contract. Put either Max or George in his car and they will win the same races as him and possibly even more. This bloke also has a huge chip on his shoulder about his BLM program insisting all drivers take a knee. I do believe in BLM but will not take a knee for anybody.

  4. Richard

    So true Hamilton has an over-inflated ego & far too high opinion of himself. Save your money and your reputation Merc put George in the car and tell hamilton to go jump down a hole he ain't worth it


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