Alex Caffi information & statistics

NameAlex Caffi
CountryItaly Italy
Place of BirthRovato
Date of BirthMar 18th 1964 - 53 years old
First RaceSep 7th 1986 Italian Grand Prix result
Last RaceMar 1st 1992 South African Grand Prix result
Best Qualifying3rd - Aug 13th 1989 Hungarian Grand Prix result
Best Result4th - May 7th 1989 Monaco Grand Prix result

Alex Caffi F1 statistics:

Race Starts57
Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps0

Championship Results

Alex Caffi F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1992 Italy Andrea Moda Judd100000000.000
1991 United Kingdom Footwork Ford2000006400.000
1990 United Kingdom Arrows Ford110000060200.182
1989 Italy Dallara Ford140000063700.294
1988 Italy Dallara Ford140000057800.000
1987 Italy Osella Alfa Romeo140000038700.000
1986 Italy Osella Alfa Romeo1000004500.000

Race Results

Alex Caffi F1 GP Race Results

7619921992 South African Grand Prix result34Andrea ModaJudd0EXCNo Time0
7519911991 Australian Grand Prix result10FootworkFord23150
7419911991 Japanese Grand Prix result10FootworkFord26100
7319911991 Spanish Grand Prix result10FootworkFord0DNPQNo Time0
7219911991 Portuguese Grand Prix result10FootworkFord0DNPQNo Time0
7119911991 Italian Grand Prix result10FootworkFord0DNPQNo Time0
7019911991 Belgian Grand Prix result10FootworkFord0DNQNo Time0
6919911991 Hungarian Grand Prix result10FootworkFord0DNPQNo Time0
6819911991 German Grand Prix result10FootworkFord0DNPQNo Time0
6719911991 Monaco Grand Prix result10FootworkPorsche0DNQNo Time0
6619911991 San Marino Grand Prix result10FootworkPorsche0DNQNo Time0
6519911991 Brazilian Grand Prix result10FootworkPorsche0DNQNo Time0
6419911991 United States Grand Prix result10FootworkPorsche0DNQNo Time0
6319901990 Australian Grand Prix result10ArrowsFord0DNQNo Time0
6219901990 Japanese Grand Prix result10ArrowsFord2390
6119901990 Portuguese Grand Prix result10ArrowsFord1713Accident0
6019901990 Italian Grand Prix result10ArrowsFord2190
5919901990 Belgian Grand Prix result10ArrowsFord19100
5819901990 Hungarian Grand Prix result10ArrowsFord2690
5719901990 German Grand Prix result10ArrowsFord1890
5619901990 British Grand Prix result10ArrowsFord1770
5519901990 French Grand Prix result10ArrowsFord22RetSuspension0
5419901990 Mexican Grand Prix result10ArrowsFord0DNQNo Time0
5319901990 Canadian Grand Prix result10ArrowsFord2680
5219901990 Monaco Grand Prix result10ArrowsFord2252
5119901990 San Marino Grand Prix result10ArrowsFord0DNQNo Time0
5019901990 Brazilian Grand Prix result10ArrowsFord25RetClutch0
4919891989 Australian Grand Prix result21DallaraFord10RetSpun Off0
4819891989 Japanese Grand Prix result21DallaraFord1590
4719891989 Spanish Grand Prix result21DallaraFord23RetEngine0
4619891989 Portuguese Grand Prix result21DallaraFord7RetCollision0
4519891989 Italian Grand Prix result21DallaraFord2011Engine0
4419891989 Belgian Grand Prix result21DallaraFord12RetSpun Off0
4319891989 Hungarian Grand Prix result21DallaraFord370
4219891989 German Grand Prix result21DallaraFord20RetEngine0
4119891989 British Grand Prix result21DallaraFord0DNPQNo Time0
4019891989 French Grand Prix result21DallaraFord26Retclutch0
3919891989 Canadian Grand Prix result21DallaraFord861
3819891989 United States Grand Prix result21DallaraFord6RetCollision0
3719891989 Mexican Grand Prix result21DallaraFord19130
3619891989 Monaco Grand Prix result21DallaraFord943
3519891989 San Marino Grand Prix result21DallaraFord970
3419891989 Brazilian Grand Prix result21DallaraFord0DNPQNo Time0
3319881988 Australian Grand Prix result36DallaraFord11RetClutch0
3219881988 Japanese Grand Prix result36DallaraFord21RetSpun Off0
3119881988 Spanish Grand Prix result36DallaraFord18100
3019881988 Portuguese Grand Prix result36DallaraFord1770
2919881988 Italian Grand Prix result36DallaraFord21RetEngine0
2819881988 Belgian Grand Prix result36DallaraFord1580
2719881988 Hungarian Grand Prix result36DallaraFord10RetEngine0
2619881988 German Grand Prix result36DallaraFord19150
2519881988 British Grand Prix result36DallaraFord21110
2419881988 French Grand Prix result36DallaraFord14120
2319881988 Detroit Grand Prix result36DallaraFord2180
2219881988 Canadian Grand Prix result36DallaraFord0DNPQNo Time0
2119881988 Mexican Grand Prix result36DallaraFord23RetBrakes0
2019881988 Monaco Grand Prix result36DallaraFord17RetSpun Off0
1919881988 San Marino Grand Prix result36DallaraFord24RetGearbox0
1819881988 Brazilian Grand Prix result36DallaraFord0DNPQNo Time0
1719871987 Australian Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo27DNQDid not qualify0
1619871987 Japanese Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo23RetOut of Fuel0
1519871987 Mexican Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo26RetEngine0
1419871987 Spanish Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo0DNQNo Time0
1319871987 Portuguese Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo25RetTurbo0
1219871987 Italian Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo21RetSuspension0
1119871987 Hungarian Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo21RetFuel System0
1019871987 German Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo26RetEngine0
919871987 British Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo20RetEngine0
819871987 French Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo20RetEngine0
719871987 Detroit Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo19RetTransmission0
619871987 Austrian Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo21RetElectrical0
519871987 Monaco Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo16RetElectrical0
419871987 Belgian Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo26RetFuel Leak0
319871987 San Marino Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo1912Out of fuel0
219871987 Brazilian Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo21RetWithdrew0
119861986 Italian Grand Prix result22OsellaAlfa Romeo27NCNot Classified0

Podium Finishes

Alex Caffi F1 Podium Finishes


Pole Positions

Alex Caffi F1 Pole Positions


Teammate Comparison

Alex Caffi Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1986OsellaPiercarlo Ghinzani11230000001001
1987OsellaFranco Forini21180000000220
Gabriele Tarquini12200000001010
1989DallaraAndrea de Cesaris4344000097106
1990ArrowsMichele Alboreto592000009375
1991FootworkMichele Alboreto10130000001515
1992Andrea ModaEnrico Bertaggia31320000001000

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