F1 Legends that made the jump to NASCAR

While in the past, there may have been many more driving opportunities in F1 thanks to a mish-mash of back-marker privateer teams,..

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15 Feb 2022

Kvyat eyeing move to Nascar for next year

Oct.29 – Daniil Kvyat may be considering a move to America’s tin-top Nascar category. The news was revealed by Haas team..

29 Oct 2021

McLaren Unboxed | Red, White, Blue & Papaya | US GP

Yee-haw, that was some weekend in the U-S-of-A. We certainly felt the love at COTA and around Austin. From McLaren Fan Heist to Daniel..

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27 Oct 2021

How can F1 compete with NASCAR in the USA?

Formula 1 continues to attract fans around the world with its blend of fast-paced action and high-octane drama. The 2020 season is no..

19 Sep 2020

Raikkonen: Less data would make F1 better

Kimi Raikkonen says Formula 1 would be more exciting if it limited the amount of data the teams and drivers are able to analyse. With over..

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5 Jul 2019

Haas F1 Team on Working with NASCAR’s Stewart-Haas Racing

Gene Haas is the entrepreneurial mastermind behind Haas F1 Team, whose voyage into Formula One has seen the newly-formed outfit boast..

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16 May 2019

Jimmy Johnson & Fernando Alonso car swap

Short video about McLaren Before Fernando Alonso car swapped with seven-time NASCAR world champion Jimmie Johnson at the Bahrain..

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7 Dec 2018

Alonso rules out full Nascar switch

Fernando Alonso has denied he is considering a full-time switch to Nascar. Just 14 hours after retiring from F1, the Spaniard was in..

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27 Nov 2018

Alonso to announce 2019 plans next month

Fernando Alonso is still giving nothing away about his future. The Spaniard is definitely leaving F1 at the end of the year, but on the..

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14 Sep 2018

Alonso no longer ruling out Nascar

Jan.25 – Fernando Alonso is no longer ruling out a future move into Nascar, America’s premier tin-top series. Earlier in..

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25 Jan 2018

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