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Fueling the Future: Alonso’s Insightful Contract Extension and Aramco’s Crucial Role

Apr.17 – Fernando Alonso may simply have extended and expanded his existing contract, but it could be a strategic masterstroke..

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17 Apr 2024

Alpine Enhances Performance of ‘Frozen’ 2024 F1 Power Unit

Feb.12 – Alpine will try to squeeze some extra horsepower out of Renault’s Formula 1 engine in 2024. The outfit tried to..

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12 Feb 2024

Ford Revs Up Collaboration with Red Bull for F1 Engine Project

Jan.22 – The CEO of Ford admits the famous carmaker is already working with Red Bull on the 2026 Formula 1 engine. Red Bull and Honda..

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22 Jan 2024

Mercedes-Benz and Williams Racing Extend Power Unit Partnership Until 2030

Jan.8 – In a significant development for the Formula 1 landscape, Mercedes-Benz and Williams Racing have announced an extension of..

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8 Jan 2024

F1’s 11th Team in Limbo: Alpine’s Shift in Priorities Casts Doubt on Andretti’s Dreams

Oct.13 – Renault-linked Alpine may have emerged as an obstacle to Andretti-Cadillac joining Formula 1. Although Cadillac is owned by..

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13 Oct 2023

Toyota’s Grand Return: Japanese Giant Set to Rejoin F1 in 2024

Sep.24 – Wild new rumours at Suzuka suggest Toyota could be on the way back into Formula 1. McLaren stunned the Japanese GP paddock..

24 Sep 2023

McLaren hints at sticking with Mercedes power for 2026 F1 season

Jun.14 – McLaren looks set to continue its push for the front of the grid with customer Mercedes power. Recently, it was rumoured..

14 Jun 2023

Newey’s concern: Will 2026 power unit changes backfire on F1?

Jun.14 – There is a “big risk” Formula 1 will enter another period of one team dominating all the others once the big..


McLaren and Red Bull deny 2026 engine F1 deal struck

Jun.9 – McLaren and Red Bull have denied claims that a deal has been struck over an engine deal for the new Formula 1 regulations..

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9 Jun 2023

From Aerodynamics to Engine Power: The Science Behind F1 Racing Cars

Formula One, or F1, is known for its high-speed racing, cutting-edge technology, and precision engineering. Each year, millions of fans..

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2 Jun 2023

F1 Sprint format changes set to increase on-track intensity

Sprint format The F1 Commission voted unanimously in favour of changes to the Sprint format. These will now come into effect at the..

26 Apr 2023

Domenicali says F1 on the right track with sustainability measures

Mar.14 – Formula 1 is on the right track by resisting pressure to aim for an ‘all-electric’ future. That is the view of..

14 Mar 2023

Scuderia Ferrari reaches 2026 F1 engine deal with FIA

Jan.18 – Ferrari has agreed to keep racing in Formula 1 under the all-new engine rules of 2026. Earlier, the sport’s most..

18 Jan 2023

The future of formula one – the changes to look forward to

With every passing year, F1 continues to introduce changes in order to increase the quality of the tournament while keeping the drivers..

9 Jan 2023

Alpine claims their F1 engine is only ‘a tenth’ behind rivals

Dec.20 – Renault-owned Alpine has played down reports that becoming a Formula 1 front-runner before 2026 will be impossible due to..

20 Dec 2022

Power Unit 101 – Episode 5 – Control Electronics

This one feels electric! ⚡️ Specifically, it’s all about converting energy for the battery

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17 Nov 2022

Ferrari and Alpine F1 teams struggled with altitude in Mexico

Oct.31 – Ferrari and Alpine struggled to cope with the thinner air throughout the Mexico GP weekend. At the fabled Autodromo Hermanos..

31 Oct 2022

Power Unit 101 – Episode 2 – Turbo

Did you know, apart from the ICE, there are five additional elements to the power unit that need to work in harmony for the #F1 car to..

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15 Sep 2022

Engine parts change needed on Verstappen’s RB18 in Hungary

Jul.31 – Red Bull may need to change parts on Max Verstappen’s power unit ahead of the Hungarian GP on Sunday. “It was a..

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31 Jul 2022

F1 engines: the future by Peter Windsor

The new F1 chassis and aero regulations are set for 2022 and beyond. What, though, of the power units they will incorporate? 2022 will..

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2 Oct 2021

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