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FIA Formula 1 Commission News

The first meeting of the F1 Commission in 2021 was held today, 11 February, in an online format. The FIA and Formula 1 confirm that..

12 Feb 2021

Wolff: Party mode ban ‘must first be defined’

Aug.21 – Mercedes will be stronger in the races once ‘party mode’ engine settings are banned. That is the warning of..

21 Aug 2020

FIA looking into legality of energy recovery systems

Aug.19 – Formula 1 is looking into the legality of the engine manufacturers’ 2020-spec energy recovery systems, according to..

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19 Aug 2020

Tanabe: ‘Party mode’ ban could be postponed

Aug.18 – Honda F1 boss Toyoharu Tanabe says it is possible the ‘party mode’ ban will be postponed. In Barcelona, it..

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18 Aug 2020

FIA pushing ahead with ‘party mode’ ban

Aug.17 – The FIA is pressing ahead with reported plans to ban so-called ‘party mode’ engine settings ahead of the next..

17 Aug 2020

Grosjean shocked by Ferrari engine power loss

Jul.10 – Carlos Sainz says he is not yet worrying about his move to Ferrari for 2021. The Spaniard will replace Sebastian Vettel, but..

10 Jul 2020

Use of MGU-H in power units will end

F1’s governing FIA is preparing to scrap the ‘MGU-H’ element of the current engine formula for 2025. The news was broken..

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26 May 2020

Marko: Ferrari settlement ‘political suicide’ by FIA

Political “war” has broken out in Formula 1, according to the Italian media. “With a planned attack on Wednesday morning..

6 Mar 2020

Wolff wants FIA to reveal Ferrari engine details

A letter calling on the FIA to clarify the saga about the legality of Ferrari’s 2019 engine is doing the rounds. According to Auto..

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4 Mar 2020

Media claims ‘whistleblower’ behind Ferrari scandal

The Italian media suspects a whistleblower is behind the bizarre saga surrounding the legality of Ferrari’s 2019 engine. Rival teams..

3 Mar 2020

Taffin: No big updates for engine in 2020

Renault looks set to introduce only one development step on its engine in 2020. The French team has made no secret of its intention to..

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24 Feb 2020

Alfa Romeo C39 Engine Fire-up

1 team. 2 cars. Hundreds of people that make it possible ???? The Alfa Romeo C39 is coming…

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7 Feb 2020

PR people should stop treating F1 fans like idiots

Readers of the Swiss newspaper Blick really do love keeping up to date with the sound of an idling 2.4 litre V6 power unit. How do I know?..

5 Feb 2020

Mercedes admits 2020 engine ‘issues’

Mercedes admits “issues” with its engine have affected the reigning world champions as the team prepares for 2020. Last year,..

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Marko says Red Bull does not miss Renault

Dr Helmut Marko has dismissed Renault engineer Remi Taffin’s recent claim that Red Bull’s engine supplier Honda is “one..

31 Jan 2020

Marko: Red Bull may protest Ferrari engine in 2020

Dr Helmut Marko says Red Bull will “definitely protest” if the legality of Ferrari’s engine once again becomes a hot..

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Seidl: McLaren needs ‘the best engine’

It is important for McLaren to have “the best engine” in 2021, according to team boss Andreas Seidl. Zak Brown, McLaren’s..

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29 Jan 2020

Vettel wants F1 to ‘double the cylinders’

Sebastian Vettel admits he would like to end Formula 1’s controversial ‘power unit’ era. The sport moved away from its..

28 Jan 2020

Renault did not make FIA engine queries ‘public’

Renault’s engine boss has admitted the French works team was also concerned about the legality of the power unit used by Ferrari last..

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23 Jan 2020

Taffin: Renault engine now better than Mercedes’

Renault’s engine boss claims the French team now has a better engine than Mercedes. In the ‘power unit’ era, the..


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