Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton crash on lap 1 of the British GP at Copse Corner.

In this video you can see how hard the 51G hit was that Verstappen had handle when he hit the barrier at that insane speed.

You can see that the car also passed the extra row of grey barrier's which should have made the impact a lot less severe.


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6 F1 Fan comments on “Fan footage of Verstappen's crash outside of Copse corner

  1. john king

    I watched the assault over and over, there is no way it was an incident, Hamilton knew exactly how to fishtail a car, and did so, his strong desire to win this prestigious race was to the extent of running the opposition off the track, and did just that, 10 seconds! what a laugh, he should have at the very least been disqualified, and had a race ban, and criminal charges brought against him for attempted murder by car, Sir! Lewis Hamilton ??? not in my book, there was a time I remember when a Knighthood was awarded to someone of reputable character, seems like anyone can get one today even people like LH, but the law doesn't work that way anymore, because the law is an ass, as is LH, you want to admire a REAL F1 driver, think of Michael Schumacher, LH will never equal him, no matter how many races he wins, dangerous!

  2. shroppyfly

    it is true people get handed honours by her majesty like jelly babies these days, fortunately some very worthy people still get them too, a lot honours were given out to british sports people after the 2012 olympics, yes we did great but then our glorious government then cut the funding for lots of them, ahhhh such wisdom , as for not equaling MS in terms of titles , oh no i cant be bothered to explain that one....
    As someone who has actually dispensed justice in a court of law, yes its sometimes not seen by the public as punishment enough , and on the whole i tended to agree but those are the rules


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