The Spanish Grand Prix was yet another example of Max Verstappen and Red Bull's racing prowess. Verstappen, wearing medium-grade Pirelli tyres, asserted his authority from the get-go and maintained his dominance throughout the race. In spite of this, Mercedes showed their mettle by securing the second and third positions with their updated W14. Red Bull's Sergio Perez also had a commendable performance, bouncing back from a less than stellar qualifying round to secure the fourth place, leaving Ferrari's Carlos Sainz in his wake.

Aston Martin's performance, on the other hand, was a step down from their recent showings, with Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso settling for the sixth and seventh spots respectively. McLaren's day was nothing to write home about either; their knack for optimising tyre temperature in qualifying's chillier conditions didn't convert into a superior race speed in Sunday's higher temperatures. The day's events are dissected in further detail by motorsport analyst Peter Windsor.

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