New team, new trophies, new targets: a lot’s changed in Daniel Ricciardo’s mind since his first Beyond The Grid interview in 2019. But one thing has stayed the same: his will to win. Daniel relives the ‘relief and happiness’ brought by his Monza victory and explains why it meant so much to him and his McLaren teammates.

The ‘bitter’ feelings of the past are gone, he says, and his mindset has shifted; he’s now driving for much more than just World Championship points. He’s also determined to enjoy himself away from the track, and tells Tom Clarkson why he loves dirt biking, surfing (despite a fear of sharks), the Buffalo Bills NFL team and life on his farm in Australia.

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One F1 fan comment on “Daniel Ricciardo 2021 Beyond the Grid podcast interview

  1. Les

    The only thing Ricciardo is champion at is talking himself up.
    Less talking more results.
    If he thinks he can compete with Max and is as good as Max he would have stayed at Red Bull. He moved to Renault for the money ( sucked them in ) and now sucked McLaren in .
    Last of the late brakers , he only did that with Red Bull and that was because of the car , and other drivers giving him room to avoid a collission.
    One word for him - overrated .


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