Aug.12 - The identity of Valtteri Bottas' teammate at Alfa Romeo in 2023 appears to be down to a two-horse race.

Frederic Vasseur is personally championing the Sauber team's own junior Theo Pourchaire, the 18-year-old fellow Frenchman who is a title contender in Formula 2 this year.

Vasseur says Pourchaire will be making a Friday practice or tyre testing appearance in 2022.

"We'll find the solution, don't worry," he said recently.

At the same time, Alfa Romeo is not yet ready to confirm that Guanyu Zhou will be keeping his seat next year - even though the team says it is impressed with the Chinese rookie.

"I haven't spoken to any team yet," Zhou is quoted by the Dutch publication Formule 1.

"I feel like I have already proven myself as a fast driver, now I have to show that I can perform consistently."

Pourchaire, meanwhile, appears to have a lot riding on his Formula 1 hopes for 2023, as he confirmed that he will not return to F2 next year.

"This is my last season in Formula 2, that's for sure," he told the France Racing portal.

"If I don't go into Formula 1, I don't know what I'll do. I haven't thought about that with my team," the teenager said, adding that he expects to have "several options".

"I don't want to think about F1 at the moment. It remains a dream to me.

"At the moment I don't even know if I'll be used in a free practice session, but that's a good thing because then I'll stay focused on this season.

"The rest will take care of itself."

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Zhou not yet sure about next year's F1 seat at Alfa Romeo

    • smokey

      That is a distinct possibility!
      Chairman Xi just spent a big load of money showing how foolish the CCP is by firing rockets over Taiwan.
      No more Yuan available for F1 sponsorship, those rocket games are very costly!

  1. shroppyfly

    reading up on things hes said......

    Zhou has now revealed not only did he have people accusing him of being there only for the money but, as the first Chinese driver in F1, he received racist abuse online.----- stop whining , this is the western world not the PRC, get used to it

    “People use the internet and social media a lot these days. When that happened, I was quite surprised at how many people made racist comments or something like that.---Except the people of China where your government blocks the web to control them

    “You still have fans that support you, but a lot of them don’t really follow Formula 2 or the junior series. They only follow Formula 1, they see who you are, you’re from China [and say] that’s the only reason you get a spot, for whatever reason.”---- again freedom of speech (you know , that thing in Hk they used to have before your Gov took it away), this isnt China, I knows hes young but he presumes too much .So hes saying the fans are wrong about why hes there mmmm, best say nothing young man, and stop copying the Dame using Racism, why not a journo ask him about his Govs intentions towards Taiwan ?

    • smokey

      You are spot-on about the CCP blocking the internet. Citizens in China don't have access to the western internet and western media. It is blocked by the CCP. China's CCP have also banned and deported a lot of western media journalists, because they were reporting the unbiased and embarrassing truth!
      Regarding racism ~ why is it that only people of western origin can be racist, however, people from other ethnic origins can say and do anything they want without it being seen as racist?
      Maybe Zhou can get on Louise's bandwagon and start CLM!


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