Jul.7 - Max Verstappen has returned fire at rival team McLaren's CEO Zak Brown, in the wake of a stinging attack at Silverstone.

Lando Norris is rapidly becoming Verstappen's only real rival for the 2024 title, prompting McLaren bosses Andrea Stella and Brown to ramp up their rhetoric following the crash in Austria one week ago.

"Until someone tells Max, 'Hey, that's against the regulations', he's not going to know any different," Brown said on Friday.

The McLaren CEO accused Christian Horner of running Red Bull without "respect".

"We've seen there be lack of respect," said Brown, "whether it's financial regulations or sporting, issues with fathers and things of that nature. I just don't think that's how we need to go racing."

Some, however, actually applauded the extra off-track spice in the increasingly close and exciting on-track battle in 2024.

"I thought that criticism was great," laughed former Dutch F1 driver Christijan Albers, on Viaplay. "Zak Brown's political game is beautiful.

"A stab here and a string there, taking on Horner - even Andrea Stella went crazy. Finally the fire is back!"

When asked about Brown's attack, however, Max Verstappen was quoted as having responded by Algemeen Dagblad newspaper: "Who is Zak Brown?"

The triple world champion even denies his clash with Norris last week was even mentioned in the FIA drivers' briefing.

"No," said Verstappen. "It was actually just about current issues, things that we can perhaps improve for the future with the circuits, track limits, things like that.

"We didn't talk about it (the Norris incident) anymore," the Red Bull driver insists.

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13 F1 Fan comments on “Verstappen Strikes Back at Brown Amid McLaren's Fiery Criticism

  1. Susan

    Zak Brown and now Stella, are embarrassing themselves. They should concentrate on cars and racing and leave the emotional tantrums to reality shows. F1 is about being the best, not who complains the most

  2. Les

    I agree.I turn the tv down whenevet they cross to Zak. I think he needs to concentrate on getting their race calls right for pitstops and tyres.
    Same with Vasseur at Ferrar. Ferrari still making mistakes.

  3. Doug

    Anyone who watched the Silverstone race observed some brilliant and very professional racing between Max and Lando. This sideshow by McLaren upper mgmt is for clicks.

  4. shroppyfly

    When Ted reminded the Artois guy , that he was part of Msc and all that caper about his driving style... (lets call it) at Ferrari, Bier man , suddenly went very quiet and ignored the comment, so its all about playing the game badly in his case

  5. Susan

    McClaren needs to hire adults who are more interested in improving than what they have now, whining, complaining, blaming. Lando needs to go outside, have a good cry and get his adolescent tantrums under control. He is becoming his own worst enemy. If he doesn’t, he will be eating Oscar’s dust.

  6. Blo

    Sorry a competitive sportsman will try any means to win and must be reined back when they overstep, if not others will follow suit and winning will have no long term value.
    Most people know who the moral victor was in 2021 especially as MM was sacked for his part and as time goes on that is all that will be remembered sadly for Max. Think how revered Max and Horner would be if as soon as the race finished they had agreed between them to relinquish the title.
    Sorry to bring 2021 up again but it has to be said and Silverstone shows in various ways how important it is.
    Winning at any cost is not really winning and people who think it is have lost the plot.

    • shroppyfly

      History is written by the winners Schumi,Senna and Max in exactly that way, be a Bastard you win, stop playing the victims or losers author or nursemaid

  7. CanadianEh

    There was a book during the Cold War called "The Dirty American". All about an overly aggressive, amoral, two-faced schemer. The Zaxster is The Dirty American. I just fast-forward the recording when the commentators get him on the line. In a word "pathetic".

  8. shroppyfly

    As a Brit , it sorta pains me to say it , but looking at Lando, all i can see is another Damon Hill, yeah good driver, nice guy , and maybe, just maybe hell win one WDC.

  9. Donalf

    Do you know what, it makes me sick the way everyone picks on Max, take max out of the equation & F1 wouldn't be worth watching, Brundle would be out of a job "which would be good" because he wouldn't have anything to talk about "except Sir lulu's home movies about himself" I honestly don't know what people want, yes I do they want max out of it, fia gave him 3 penalties at Silverstone for speeding in the pit lane even before the race started 0.4 klms over the limit I'm saying leave the guy alone as all you wingers would have left by now.

  10. Blo

    Well said you Max fans, your loyalty is commendable.sad that you would have a lot more to be proud of if he could achieve the results without resorting to dirty driving. He is to good a driver to need to drive in a dirty manner .

    • shroppyfly

      His drivings fine, its not his fault if weaker willed drivers cry about it, stamp there Lando feet ,or threaten to give up and play the victim, Max isnt interested and neither am I

      • Blo

        Fine, but I think Max is interested, his driving and whole demeanour was so different at silverstone and so much more productive as a result.
        F1 driving should be an art not bashcar. A great horse master used to tell his pupils “ nothing forced is beautiful “.


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