Jun.17 - Red Bull is expecting the team's "high spirits" to get another boost this weekend in Canada.

"The whole team is in high spirits," Dr Helmut Marko told Bild newspaper, referring to Max Verstappen and the team's dominance of both world championships.

It was Charles Leclerc's engine failure at Baku that provided the massive points boost, but Marko says Red Bull won't need any extra help this weekend on the long Montreal straights.

"The track suits our car," he said. "We are optimistic that we can get a good result.

"Canada is our track."

Better still, he says Red Bull will get even faster over the coming months as the team continues to chip away at its overweight 2022 car.

"Normally, our first half of the season is always weak, but not this year," Marko, 78, continued.

"There are still a few tenths left in our car," he added.

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Red Bull has high hopes for Sunday's Canadian Grand Prix

  1. John B

    Great 👍 car, great driver, win 🏆 well deserved despite all the shite MB throw around to deflect from their failures and producing a shitbox as noted by Tonto. At last he tells the truth

    Go RB Go

    • Blowfly

      Great car , great driver, no 2 RB driver taken out by g box failure, no 2 Ferrari driver up his exhaust pipe & shitbox MB only 7secs behind after 70 laps.Ss could be interesting.
      Hope MV’s licence is clean now, he’s going to need it.


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