Jun.17 - There are mixed feelings in Canada about the FIA's plan to end the new 'porpoising' effect in Formula 1 that left Lewis Hamilton in crippling back pain after Baku.

The sport's governing body said it consulted with doctors and, "in the interests of safety of the drivers", issued a technical directive that will involve checking the "design" and "observed wear" of the 2022 cars' floors.

Another move will be to set a "quantitative limit" on the amount of allowed bouncing.

"I don't know how the FIA plans to do this," former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher told Sky Deutschland.

"But the formula can't be the same for every car and every aerodynamic approach because one team has solved it better, another team has solved it worse.

"And you can't punish those who have done a good job," he insisted. "Lewis Hamilton and Pierre Gasly have complained, but I don't recall Max Verstappen saying anything," Schumacher said.

One of those complaining drivers, however, is Ralf's own nephew Mick, who drives for Haas.

"It's so bad that you get marks on your body," said the 23-year-old German. "I'm glad the FIA has now responded to ensure our safety and health.

"It will be interesting to see if the measures will change the balance of power in the midfield."

Haas boss Gunther Steiner, meanwhile, agrees that Formula 1 had to act.

But he admitted: "Technical changes during the current season are always tricky.

"It inevitably affects the balance of power and then the question arises about whether that is fair.

"Of course it's about safety," Steiner added, "but it could have been corrected simply by raising the height of some people's cars."

He thinks vocal lobbying by seven time world champion Hamilton and his Mercedes colleagues George Russell and boss Toto Wolff would have had an effect.

"In Formula 1, there is always suspicion in such cases – you always think there is something behind it," said Steiner.

"But I think anyone who thinks like that in this case is going a bit too far."

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11 F1 Fan comments on “Mixed feelings in paddock as F1 issues porpoising clampdown

  1. Swede

    Yes, Dr. DimenToto and Lolu whind and now another rule that can't be enforced. FIA can't even have a small nose ring removed.

    Quite silly though... An actual rule stating that your car can't ne a shitbox.


  2. ReallyOldRacer

    We'll call this one the Hamilton Directive LOL Fact is, absolutely nothing about this 'new' car is an improvement. Four years in development and they completely mucked it up. I made plans last year to attend two races this season.....cancelled. Crap.

  3. shroppyfly

    f3s right except no one than hard dun to driver hamster, thats why its so much fun to knock him , and remarkably easy

    evena at betfair he wont finish the race, mmm bookies seem convinced

  4. The Spy

    Interesting comments by Gunther Steiner given the data clearly indicating that as the fuel load burns off the porpoising on the Haas increases quite dramatically. Given that the fuel tank should be located at the centre of the cars gravity the fuel burn should not increase the porpoising. Maybe Gunther wants the change but it’s better PR to appear against it or maybe because of fundamental design errors the car would become unworkable. If a plane loses its centre of gravity it normally doesn’t end well interesting days ahead but the Haas certainly appears to have a problem with its balance.

  5. GHarmon

    When Merc had the dominate car Toto / Hamilton would have screamed bloody murder if some other team wanted to change in mid-season.

    I did not see all the cars have the problem. It seems that some teams are more equal than others ( my apology to George Orwell ).

    Hamilton had the dominate car for years. Does he really deserve all those championships?

    He doesn't seem to be doing well with a car more equal to others.

  6. richard

    Toto & lulu stop moaning you have the best people in motor sport figure it out what your doing wrong and get on with it. There were no complaints when you were winning everything shut the fuck up and race that's what you are all paid unbaleavable amounts of money for


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