Dec.2 - Toto Wolff thinks Formula 1's annual calendar should not exceed 20 races.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali this week admitted that he would not extend the schedule beyond the unprecedented 24 grands prix next year.

Mercedes boss Wolff, however, thinks teams need to look after its people by rotating travelling staff on calendars longer than 20 races.

"We're discussing that right now," he told Speed Week.

"I would introduce 20 world championship races as the upper limit, then there would have to be equivalent (staff) replacements in each department.

"On the other hand there are also employees who like the lifestyle of constant travel."

It was thought possible that the calendar would at least shrink from 24 to 23 races next year as China struggles with mass protests against its controversial 'zero covid' strategy.

But Joao Carlos Costa, a prominent Portuguese motorsport commentator, thinks Portimao is set to replace the endangered Chinese GP in April next year.

He said an announcement is "imminent".

"Small details are to be resolved before the FIA World Council scheduled for December 9 in Bologna," said Costa.

"What a Christmas gift for Portuguese fans."

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17 F1 Fan comments on “Portugal will keep next year's F1 calendar at 24 races

  1. Jere Jyrälä

    In one of his most recent Green Notebooks, Joe Saward noted that Algarve is a financially unviable option for another one-off appearance, but they've seemingly solved their issues.
    I wouldn't mind with Chinese GP getting substituted by the Algarve circuit, although I'd also be happy about Circuit Paul Ricard for the same purpose.

        • Jere Jyrälä

          I don't know how to explain this matter deeply, but generally, big international events combined with Ramadan's restrictions on eating & other stuff can prove challenging, so attempting would be unworthy.
          F1 specifically avoids putting Middle East events within the Ramadan phase, which explains earlier dates for Bahrain & Saudi Arabian GPs for next year versus this year.
          The year after next, Ramadan will cover most of March (10.3-8.4) & as Qatar GP will likely move to the early-season phase, all three will either occur post-ending or two after & one before beginning.


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