Jul.5 - Nelson Piquet may be facing criminal repercussions and even potential jail time for allegedly racial and homophobic comments made about Lewis Hamilton.

The comments found their way into the public sphere just ahead of Hamilton's home British GP, resulting in Silverstone owner the BRDC expelling and banning the triple world champion.

Subsequent footage depicted Piquet of apparently aiming a homophobic jibe at the seven time world champion. He is quoted as suggesting Hamilton was "giving ass at that time" when he lost the 2016 title to Nico Rosberg.

There may now be legal consequences for the 69-year-old Brazilian, according to the Rio-based daily sports newspaper 'Lance!'

Three Brazilian members of parliament are calling on local prosecutors to consider criminal charges against the former Williams driver, with lawyer Renan Gandolfi saying a fine or even three years in jail are theoretically possible.

"Treating black human beings in a clearly pejorative way, as Mr Nelson Piquet does, stands in the way of implementing equality," said socialist politician Taliria Petrone.

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Piquet could be prosecuted for his racial and homophobic comments

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    Criminal charges? If being an idiot is criminal we are going to need much bigger jails. I just don't see how this Piquet crap is part of F1 race reporting. He doesn't deserve the ink.

  2. Susan

    Are you kidding me? It is bad enough in the States but world wide, really? Maybe time for a reset world wide. Unbelievable!
    If racial slurs are now punishable crimes, it may be time to censor rap music as well. It doesn’t matter that rappers are black and allowed to use the n word freely, it is still offensive, same with calling females bit$#es and Hos.
    No double standards.

  3. Swede

    Hymn. Was it a slur? Or did Piquet know something?

    As ROR said, it is not F1 news, but it does give Leopold hits on this site to pay the bills.


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